Monday, May 11, 2009

Sunday Garden Update, Week 2 (a day late)

I took a picture yesterday but didn't take time to get it posted. If I'm not mistaken, it doesn't look terribly different from last week, though. Including the rain! It drizzled most of the day yesterday.
Were you to peek more closely than the picture allows, you'd see that my peas are up, as well as the green beans. I think I already reported that the corn and onions were up sometime the middle of last week.

That leaves the carrots, potatoes, and gourds. I'm not too worried about any of them . . . they'll either grow or they won't.

Anybody else seeing any action in your gardens?


Angela said...

What a nice, big garden! Our peas, beans, onions, and radishes are up BUT it got down to 29 degrees two nights ago, so . . .

We have yet to plant tomatoes and peppers. We were actually going to do it the day before it got down to 29, I'm SO glad we decided to wait!

Unknown said...

Our peas, corn and onions are up and growing well. All of the other stuff in our first go round of planting cucumbers, beans, lettuce, summer squash, etc.) should be up soon. We are waiting on the tomatoes until the threat of frost passes. Tomorrow we might start on the winter squash and the pumpkins.