Friday, May 1, 2009

Do You Read The Whole Internet?

I love it when bloggers I read post to links they enjoyed. I try to keep a limit on blogs to which I subscribe, and I always feel like I'm missing something. There is a fine line between finding lots of things that enrich our lives and bless our family, and spending so much bleary-eyed time in front of the computer that we aren't able to put into practice the things we are learning.

The best way I've found to organize the things I've found and would like to try is by having lots of folders within my favorites folder. The ones that get the most use are my Crafty folder, with subfolders for all sorts of things including Baby (shower gift ideas, mostly), Kids (activities), Knitting (I WILL learn how!), Holidays, Home, Misc, and Sewing; and my Homeschooling folder. That one needs some subfolders in the worst way.

So, here are some things that I found interesting this week. Feel free to click through if you'd like to learn more!

Backyard Living's Cake Frosting Stepping Stone. I really could use these on the way to my kitty barn, and it would be fun to find things to tuck in them. I'm going to have to start collecting with these in mind! Hubs, you might catch me peeking in your grandpa's old shop . . .

Once Wed's Paper Flower Wreath. I wasn't sold until I saw the close-up of cutting cupcake liners to make the flowers. I'm thinking yellow liners and daffodils!

Pepper Paint's Homemade Poster Paint. I'm all about making things at home - we're too far from stores.

Here In the Bonny Glen's post on Painting in the Backyard. I want to be like Lissa when I grow up - she has a lovely family.

Frugal Granola's Wet Bag for $1.85. I nearly convinced myself that I needed a wet bag to cloth diaper. I received an enormous box of wipes as a shower gift and they were split up in good sized white zip top bags. I saved the bags and have used them over and over for dirty diapers (wet ones often get rolled up and just stuffed in the bag if they're not soaked). Michele's idea would be great for, as she says, swimming, potty accidents, etc. And so cute!

The Narrow Gate posts the monthly prayer intentions for morning offerings. I've done pretty well saying my morning offering since I made it a daily event in my Outlook calendar. I usually snooze it so I'm reminded of it throughout the day. I spent a couple of hours poking around Annemarie's blog last night - lots of good stuff! As a Twins fan, I won't hold her Cubs allegiance against her.

You know how you sometimes keep finding yourself at different posts on a blog over and over? I kept clicking onto Frugal Family Fun over the past several weeks from different other sites and that's a sign to subscribe. Three posts that I bookmarked this week include paper marbling, make an easy kite, and a treasure box.

Please feel free to leave a comment if you've found something cool this week (or anytime!). We all need to help keep each other from having to read the whole internet by ourselves . . .

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Unknown said...

I also enjoy these types of posts, both reading them and writing them. I should start doing more of that. I think it would be useful both on my personal blog and the one for the farm.

Thanks for not holding the Cubs thing against me!