Monday, May 25, 2009

"It Feels Like Sunday" Weekly Garden Update, Week 4

Wow, I didn't even think to take a picture yesterday. It was a bizarre day, though. Goose fell off the pew twice during Mass - both times I was kneeling, and I broke her fall both times, so it was more of just a bump - then went down for her nap well but woke up screaming all too early - I think it might be nightmares? anyway I spent an hour calming her and trying to get her to lie back down - and finally we went to a barbecue yesterday evening. (I made blueberry crumble - recipe is here, except I recommend doubling the topping.) (Why yes, I do realize I'm in the running for the world's longest sentence.)

The garden sure looks a lot more green; unfortunately, most of it is weeds! I should have been out there today weeding but we've had a few showers over the past couple of days (I don't much like mud) and I managed to forget all about it anyway. I put some more effort into sorting my recipe collection. Another ten years and I'll have that sucker whipped into shape for sure.

After getting a bit more advice, I haven't transplanted anything that needs thinning (peas and beans, mainly). I think we'll put up the fencing for the tomatoes and green beans this week. I did some mulching around the tomatoes and peppers, thanks to Hubs's lawn mowing.

Looks like Goose and I will be traveling a bit this week; we'll head out to my parents' tomorrow for a mini-family reunion with some of my aunts, uncles, and cousins. I'm never happy going anywhere without Hubs, but he doesn't get away from the farm too much.

Finally, it is with mixed emotions that I tell you Baby Faith went to be with Jesus this weekend. I rejoice for her, and her mother is rejoicing, too; I just can't imagine losing a baby. I've been prayerfully reflecting much of today and kissing my own baby.


Angela said...

Have fun at your parents, is it a very long drive?

Prayers for Baby Faith's family, I can't even imagine.

As far as your question about Isabella sleeping when away from home - no she doesn't tell us she wants to go to bed then. We let her stay up later (about 8:00 or 8:30) and keep giving her warnings that in 15 minutes, 10 minutes, 5 minutes, etc. she's going to go to bed, and that seems to work really good. I am SO looking forward to *hopefully* a good night sleep tonight since her fever finally broke last night in the night. The last few nights have SO not been fun!

I hope her nightmares get better, enlist the help of her guardian angel and St. Michael to help her.

Lori said...

I notice you call your daughter Goose...would you believe that's our daughter's nickname too!! She's 13 years old now...we called her that as a baby and it stuck like glue! :)