Thursday, May 21, 2009

Portable DVD Player Deal (and Extended Rear Facing Car Seats)

Last Christmas, my dad and Hubs ganged up on me a bit about letting Goose watch DVDs in the car. I really try to limit the amount of TV she watches - in fact, most of the time, I try not to turn it on at all. But, it has to be rough when you're strapped in a car seat (rear-facing, no less) and your arms are too short to reach anything. (That's part of the reason she's still rear-facing - I can still reach her to give her stuff that way.)

Anyway. One of the deal blogs I read is Want Not, and today Mir has posted a deal on a dual-screen portable DVD player at I like the dual screen because I could hang the extra screen for Goose to see, and then I should be able to reach the DVD player part to change DVDs as needed. It's $89.99, free shipping.

Hubs said no. I understand - we don't need it right now (although if we take a car trip to a cousin's wedding in Wyoming and then go on to Yellowstone this summer, we might need it then!) and we'd just as well save our money. But just in case any of you are considering one, this seems to be a good deal! The reviews at are mixed, but I always wonder about people who say it didn't work but don't seem to have attempted to return/exchange it.

Yes, we all survived childhood without watching videos in the car, but we also crawled around and read a book laying on the shelf in the back window and whatnot. And we drove uphill both ways in six feet of snow, even in summer. Ah, memories. :>)


Angela said...

I admit, I was never a fan of DVD players in the car, BUT I am slowly coming around on them. I don't know if we'll ever have one, but I'm sure they're great for long car trips.

Kim said...

Wow! They's all gone already! We do dvds in the car on long trips since we like to keep our sanity. I wonder how many trips we would've enjoyed back when our son was a baby had we allowed dvds at least to distract occasionally. He used to cry THE WHOLE LAST HOUR right before we got home from a 7-9 hour trip...every time. That dvd player would've really helped back then! Course, there weren't any dvds back then, just VCRs.

Kim said...

Er, VHSes.