Sunday, May 10, 2009

Oops, More Links

These are what I starred in my Google Reader this week:

Frugal Family Fun Blog - paper marbling and tips to stretch kid art supplies

Chasing Cheerios - shaving cream + food coloring = art

The Simple Dollar - rainy day box, creating a customized for you deal-finding web page (and it doesn't sound hard!), and Trent's fave personal finance, career, and personal development blogs and he mentions two posts from each that he found outstanding. I didn't add any to my reader, but found it interesting nonetheless.

No Time For Flashcards - Shape Necklace and puffy paint moonscape - She also gives book suggestions for all her projects.

Unplug Your Kids - baking soda boats

Tipnut - list of egg substitutes With chickens just a mile down the road, this is one substitute I don't need often. But, sometimes the little one is napping and Hubs can't bring me any and I want to get something baked before she wakes up, so it happens. I have tried the ground flax seed one and it worked fine.

Happy clicking . . .

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