Sunday, March 13, 2011

St. Paddy's Shirts

My Goose is going to turn four on St. Patrick's Day. (Where *does* time go??) When she was a teeny tiny baby goose, I saw a onesie at Old Navy that said "Little O'Cutie" and I REALLY wanted one, but we really didn't need it. I regretted that decision for a long time! This year, I realized there was no need to pine over it any longer - I can make the darn shirt. And I was inspired to make one for me, too. :>)

Goose's says "Little O'Cutie" and the dot over the i is a four leaf clover like mine, you just can't see it on the green. Mine, of course, says "Mama O'Cutie" and I'm still giggling over that. My sister-in-law snapped this pic for us yesterday, and since then I wonder-under-ed on a few shamrocks and outlined Goose's i dot shamrock with a sharpie. Except I should have followed what the shape should have been, not what it was. Oops.

Both shirts were thrifted, and I used Dana at MADE's freezer paper stencil tutorial. It was a bit tedious cutting the stencil out, but after seeing the results, it was TOTALLY worth it! Not counting the dry-time wait (I did two coats of paint), this project probably only took a couple of hours.

I gotta say, we WILL be wearing these often than just March 17! I can't close this post without sharing my favorite joke this time of year:

What's Irish and sits outside?

Give up? Paddy O'Furniture! (get it? patio furniture? hee hee!)

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