Thursday, August 4, 2011

Daybook - Remember Me? Edition

Wow, not only has it been months since I've blogged, it's been over a year since I've posted a daybook. Zoiks.

Outside my window... It's pretty warm, though better than the triple digits we were having. It's been a weird summer - hardly any breeze. Much of the time we've spent outside has involved the local swimming hole or feeding cats. Otherwise, I stick close to the A/C. We sure could use some rain, too, according to the farmer.

I am thinking... about the interconnected set of miracles that is the human body; how it works, and how it doesn't. I have been working with a pharmacist friend who specializes in adrenal fatigue and it appears that I have been dealing with lousy adrenal function for years. She has me taking a handful of supplements and I'm hopeful that better health is around the corner.

I am thankful for... a good husband. Seriously, Hubs is a heck of a guy. Even when I get frustrated with all the little things, I'm reminded of how blessed I am and how others are not so lucky.

From the learning rooms... never thought I'd say this, but we're looking at sending Goose to "real" preschool this year. I couldn't have been happier with the preschool co-op that we put together last year, but all the other kids are moving on. I have finally started to recognize the physical exhaustion from years of insomnia (hopefully related to the adrenal fatigue & hopefully will be clearing up before long!) and the toll that it takes on my patience.

Goose has been chattering for quite a while about how excited she was to ride on the bus and go to school - until I told her that mama doesn't go with her. She cried and told me over and over "you can be my teacher, mama!" So, we'll see. I would love to get more intentional about doing the things I bookmark to do with her. :>)

From the kitchen... Summer is so hard on my kitchen - I never know when Hubs will be home, if he'll be hungry, etc. I've been just awful about cooking, though I usually try to have some of these freezer-friendly burritos on hand. The carnivore doesn't mind them, and I try to make some Goose-sized ones that aren't spicy. I'm making up a grocery list for a trip to town tomorrow and getting inspired, though!

I am wearing... cornflower blue shirt, black capris, and my standard crocs. I really need new shoes - these are wearing pretty thin.

I am creating... all kinds of crafty stuff! I'll be taking a load tomorrow to the craft consignment shop including a craft supply lazy susan like this one, some super cute button bracelets that I now can't find the link to the post that inspired me, two sets of bean bags, and a couple very simple necklace kits.

I am pondering... switching my link roundups to Pinterest. Are any of you guys on there? Would you like to see me pin things instead of doing link roundups? I was totally dragging my feet about it, but a friend was explaining how nice it was to see the pictures. Often times, a post has a funny name and I have a terrible time remembering it, so it seems like this is a feasible way to do it... and it's super-easy to pin something (unless the post doesn't have an image, that is).

And maybe I'd post more often! If I just wanted to post something crafty I made or do a daybook, I could do that without feeling guilty that I haven't gotten around to link roundups. Any thoughts?

I am reading... Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome (no surprise there, eh?) and a big pile of old Family Handyman magazines that I picked up at a library sale.

I am hoping... well, I have already realized how many times I've used derivatives of "hope" on here already - hopeful, hoping, etc. so I think this one is pretty obvious already. :>) But let's go with the big one - I am so hoping that treating this adrenal fatigue means there might be more babies in my future.

I am hearing... the air conditioning (thank you Jesus for it!), my calico cat, and Hubs's TV through the floor.

Around the house... Goose has spent a week at Grandma's on two separate occasions in the past month and I used the time to do a fair amount of picking up, putting away, and getting rid. The house is looking better for it, but I still need to work on actual cleaning.

One of my favorite things... it's definitely not cleaning! :>) I picked the first tomatoes yesterday, though, and every year I wish I could send some to my tomato-loving city cousin in Chicago whom I miss SO MUCH. (who? whom? If I waffle on that for too long, I'll never get this posted.)

A few plans for the rest of the week... dropping crafty stuff off tomorrow on my way to pick up raw milk; we'd talked about going camping this weekend but it hasn't rained so I don't see that happening. Our church just got air-conditioning, so Mass is even more awesome than it was!

A picture thought I am sharing... Goosey dressing up in one of the dresses that Mama used to dress up in when I was a little goose - and that Grandma made and wore when she was a young goose!