Thursday, August 4, 2011

Daybook - Remember Me? Edition

Wow, not only has it been months since I've blogged, it's been over a year since I've posted a daybook. Zoiks.

Outside my window... It's pretty warm, though better than the triple digits we were having. It's been a weird summer - hardly any breeze. Much of the time we've spent outside has involved the local swimming hole or feeding cats. Otherwise, I stick close to the A/C. We sure could use some rain, too, according to the farmer.

I am thinking... about the interconnected set of miracles that is the human body; how it works, and how it doesn't. I have been working with a pharmacist friend who specializes in adrenal fatigue and it appears that I have been dealing with lousy adrenal function for years. She has me taking a handful of supplements and I'm hopeful that better health is around the corner.

I am thankful for... a good husband. Seriously, Hubs is a heck of a guy. Even when I get frustrated with all the little things, I'm reminded of how blessed I am and how others are not so lucky.

From the learning rooms... never thought I'd say this, but we're looking at sending Goose to "real" preschool this year. I couldn't have been happier with the preschool co-op that we put together last year, but all the other kids are moving on. I have finally started to recognize the physical exhaustion from years of insomnia (hopefully related to the adrenal fatigue & hopefully will be clearing up before long!) and the toll that it takes on my patience.

Goose has been chattering for quite a while about how excited she was to ride on the bus and go to school - until I told her that mama doesn't go with her. She cried and told me over and over "you can be my teacher, mama!" So, we'll see. I would love to get more intentional about doing the things I bookmark to do with her. :>)

From the kitchen... Summer is so hard on my kitchen - I never know when Hubs will be home, if he'll be hungry, etc. I've been just awful about cooking, though I usually try to have some of these freezer-friendly burritos on hand. The carnivore doesn't mind them, and I try to make some Goose-sized ones that aren't spicy. I'm making up a grocery list for a trip to town tomorrow and getting inspired, though!

I am wearing... cornflower blue shirt, black capris, and my standard crocs. I really need new shoes - these are wearing pretty thin.

I am creating... all kinds of crafty stuff! I'll be taking a load tomorrow to the craft consignment shop including a craft supply lazy susan like this one, some super cute button bracelets that I now can't find the link to the post that inspired me, two sets of bean bags, and a couple very simple necklace kits.

I am pondering... switching my link roundups to Pinterest. Are any of you guys on there? Would you like to see me pin things instead of doing link roundups? I was totally dragging my feet about it, but a friend was explaining how nice it was to see the pictures. Often times, a post has a funny name and I have a terrible time remembering it, so it seems like this is a feasible way to do it... and it's super-easy to pin something (unless the post doesn't have an image, that is).

And maybe I'd post more often! If I just wanted to post something crafty I made or do a daybook, I could do that without feeling guilty that I haven't gotten around to link roundups. Any thoughts?

I am reading... Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome (no surprise there, eh?) and a big pile of old Family Handyman magazines that I picked up at a library sale.

I am hoping... well, I have already realized how many times I've used derivatives of "hope" on here already - hopeful, hoping, etc. so I think this one is pretty obvious already. :>) But let's go with the big one - I am so hoping that treating this adrenal fatigue means there might be more babies in my future.

I am hearing... the air conditioning (thank you Jesus for it!), my calico cat, and Hubs's TV through the floor.

Around the house... Goose has spent a week at Grandma's on two separate occasions in the past month and I used the time to do a fair amount of picking up, putting away, and getting rid. The house is looking better for it, but I still need to work on actual cleaning.

One of my favorite things... it's definitely not cleaning! :>) I picked the first tomatoes yesterday, though, and every year I wish I could send some to my tomato-loving city cousin in Chicago whom I miss SO MUCH. (who? whom? If I waffle on that for too long, I'll never get this posted.)

A few plans for the rest of the week... dropping crafty stuff off tomorrow on my way to pick up raw milk; we'd talked about going camping this weekend but it hasn't rained so I don't see that happening. Our church just got air-conditioning, so Mass is even more awesome than it was!

A picture thought I am sharing... Goosey dressing up in one of the dresses that Mama used to dress up in when I was a little goose - and that Grandma made and wore when she was a young goose!


Angela said...

Love the picture, she is super cute! I'm also hoping and praying there are more babies in your future, and I hope the supplements do the trick, and help with the adrenal fatigue. I've never heard of pinterest, but it looks pretty neat. Glad to have you back on blogger again! :)

Angela said...

Oh, and Isabella was super excited for preschool, but the closer it gets and the more questions she asks, the more nervous I see her getting. She is also not a big fan of me not being right there with her, I pray it's an easy adjustment!

Heather said...

Oh Hi there!!! Good to hear from you again (says the girl who not only doesn't update her blog, but hasn't kept up with my journal for baby 3!)...

That dress and the girl in it are just beautiful...and the history is great. And I hope all goes well with you as you work to being healthier and having more babies. A whole lotta work and a whole lotta wonderful in a teeny, tiny package, huh? We will definitely keep you in our prayers.

Take care and stay cool!

denise said...

i miss you and tomatoes!!! :)

Amy @ Finer Things said...

You know... if your cousin is too far away, you could always hop in the car and haul some of those tomatoes to Kansas. :) Bloomin' vines, no tomatoes. :(

Ray said...

Hey, remember me? I haven't even checked in on your blog in a long time, but watching the Yankees beat the Twins the past couple of nights reminded me I have a friend who is a Twins fan.

Possible good news on the job front. I had an interview for an HR manager job this past Tuesday, it seems very promising. Only problem, it is an hour drive away and much of it is 2 lane roads that can get nasty in winter - I'll need an all wheel drive car. And this coming Monday I have an interview for an HR job with a combination nursing home and living assisted facility. It is a little closer, about 40 minutes away.