Thursday, May 14, 2009

Air-Popped Popcorn

After visiting my parents several months ago, I snuck out of there with this under my arm:

We were always a popcorn-loving family. As I remember, we used this until we got a Stir Crazy Popcorn Popper and then it got shoved to the back of the cabinet. It would get pulled out once in a while perhaps to pop corn for popcorn balls or some other such where it needed to be made without oil.

Several years ago, I began using a PowerPop Microwave Popper, but it had begun showing signs of aging and I knew it was on its last legs plus I was having trouble finding the cardboard cups it requires.

I figured I didn't have anything to lose - and I was right! I especially appreciate how I can't burn the popcorn since it jumps out into the bowl. Keep your eye out for one at a thrift store or Goodwill if you're interested.

One design flaw of this model is that it also shoots out old maids (unpopped kernels) - not only down the chute into the bowl, but some also come flying out the top. I find them on the counter sometimes, and I've noted a few on the floor after popping some corn. Thankfully they haven't caused a problem with Goose finding them first!

Along those lines, I will caution that you must wait until all the kernels have popped (if they're going to) before removing the top. I thought it was done one day, and took the top off to grab the last few popped kernels that hadn't jumped out. Just as I did, another kernel popped, and it sent a few old maids flying. One landed just under my collar and burned my shoulder! With the next pop, one actually flew down the back of my shirt into my sleeve, burning my arm in a couple of places until I could get it shaken out. Ouch! I think I could have averted this simply by leaving the top on.

For years, I have preferred to eat my popcorn by dipping it in a bit of Parmesan cheese (really!) and now Goose sits next to me with her mouth open just like a baby bird. :>) Michele at Frugal Granola has compiled a list of gourmet popcorn that will take a fun family night up a notch!

Which brings me to the most important part - sharing it with someone you love. That is certainly a finer thing!

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Unknown said...

Popcorn is my favorite snack, I could eat it every day. I don't know if you have the room but you should try growing your own popcorn. We grow different types and they each have a unique flavor, some better than others. I like the white variety and the red variety that we grow the best. Yum! We also sell it at the stand and it is a big hit.

Kim said...

We have a hot air popper, too. Ours is a Wear-Ever. I think we got it as a gift early in our marriage. I am amazed at how long it's lasted! We used to eat a lot of popcorn, but not so much lately. The lovely thing about our air popper is that kids can use it. Ours doesn't spit out the old maids, thankfully.

Kim said...

Oh, forgot to ask, is that your hubby after eating some of your delicious air-popped popcorn? ;)

annies home said...

great reasons to share a bit of popcorn so that you can share with one you love

Angela said...

This post brings me back to my childhood, we had one of those air poppers too. Popcorn is one of my favorite snacks, I've been wanting an air popper. For now we settle with the microwave kind.

Carol said...

I have this exact hot air popper and love it. I've found that if I tip it backwards while it's popping, most of the unpopped kernels return into the machine and will pop. Hate when the kernels come out and land on the counter--they are very hot and my kids have been known to try to pick them up right away.

Lenetta said...

Annemarie, popcorn is by FAR my favorite snack! Hubs hasn't tried growing popcorn for me . . . because my dad has brokered popcorn for several years and I've had a very plentiful supply from him. Dad is retiring, though, so I will need a new source.

Kim, ours is probably close to as old as yours (at least I think I remember how long you've been married :>)) I forgot to mention in the post that Goose LOVES to watch the air popper. She laughs that big belly laugh and you can't help but smile. Hubs likes to doctor his popcorn up with seasonings and such, so he usually uses standard microwave popcorn. Can't say for sure if he'd had a bowl that day or not. :>) (Pic is a couple months old - Goose is already grown out of those PJs!)

Angela, have you watched the LOST season finale yet???

Carol, I LOVE that tip! Do you use a bowl to catch the popped kernels then? I remember my mom using a paper bag folded down - that would give more height so they wouldn't go flying. Goose loves to grab the popped ones off the floor and gobble them up!

Unknown said...

We love our hot air popper!

Amy @ Finer Things said...

That looks like the popper we had as kids! I went to microwave for many years, until I found out how awful it is for me. Ick! Would love to snatch one of those at a yard sale sometime. ;-)

2Shaye ♪♫ said...

See! Just another thing we have in common. I LOVE popcorn and I've missed my air popper badly. I remember how we used to melt our butter in the little plate on top while it was popping. Ah...the memories!

Maybe you can help me out. I'm attempting to find some non-GMO popcorn. And since it's nearly impossible to find regular non-GMO corn anywhere, this may be impossible. But I did find non-GMO corn seed and am thinking that SURELY there's some lovely soul out there who makes the natural stuff for the peeps like me who react slightly to GMO corn. Lemme know if you've heard of anything!