Thursday, May 7, 2009

Finer Things Friday - Papa's Tractor

Those are two of Goose's favorite words right there - papa and tractor. While I love love love that Hubs is a farmer, his availability varies with the seasons. In the spring with planting, he's crazy busy. In the summer, with irrigating, he's really busy. In the fall, with harvest, he's see-him-for-five-minutes-at-breakfast busy. In the winter, with cattle, he's just plain busy.

Last year, with Goose's nap schedule, there were a lot of days that she wasn't up by the time he left in the morning, and she was down for a nap by the time he came home for lunch, and she was in bed when he came home at night. Being a standard issue daddy's girl, that just wouldn't do! I don't remember when we started riding with Papa in the tractor, but it's a habit we've kept up and will continue. (picture taken one year ago - last May!)

Goose is at the point these days, where, if she sees a tractor or a pick-up, it should have Papa in it and she can't figure out why we aren't stopping to see him! When we do get to go ride with him, she is usually hollering at him before we get out of the car - even if the tractor is a few hundred feet away. She sits on his lap as he steers (or as the GPS steers!) and jabbers away. They sometimes share a snack, she jabbers into the business band radio mic and tries to poke any button she can reach. Sometimes I feel like a third wheel!

About the only way I can get her out of the tractor is a promise to stop at the barn on the way home to feed Socks and the rest of our kitties. She blows Papa more kisses than he can catch, and tells him bye-bye over and over and over as we walk back to the car. He'll beep his horn, she'll holler "beep!" back, waving all the way.

Being a daddy's girl, riding in the tractor, learning about the farm - all these are finer things! For more finer things, visit Amy here.


Megan said...

I come from a long lineage of farmers. I understand the seasons of busyness! We love John Deere 'round here. I agree with you those are all definitely the finer things!

SmallWorld at Home said...

So sweet seeing a little girl on a tractor. My boys always loved their grandfather's and uncles' tractors, but my little girl was never quite so impressed!

Amy @ Finer Things said...

My kids will ride a tractor with anyone who'll let them! What a special time for her and her Papa.

Won't be long and you can just leave her for an hour or two. Yipee!

Tracey said...

Very precious! A fun way to spend time w/ Daddy!