Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Southwest Salad Version 3.1

Last week, Tammy's Recipes shared a link to this salad. I thought it sounded good, but perhaps a bit bland.

So, I followed the basic recipe but added seasoned salt (use more if your beans were cooked from dried; less if canned), chili powder, cumin, and garlic powder to my beans and corn. [edit: I also added some oregano! Most people think of it as an Italian seasoning, but it also compliments Mexican food.] I then heated them a bit because that's how I prefer my taco salads. I love the cool, crisp greens contrasted with the warm, spicy meat (or in this case, beans and corn).

And, in keeping with my Kitchen Incident tradition, I accidentally used cinnamon instead of cumin the first time around. No problem! I just dumped the beans and corn in a colander and rinsed, then re-seasoned properly.

For dressing, I combined a blop of ranch with about an equal-sized blop of BBQ sauce. It was perfect.

This is also a very good recipe to keep me on track with Laura at Heavenly Homemaker's eat more fruits and veggies challenge. I estimate the salad I had to be around four servings of veggies. Yeah!

For more salad recipes, visit Tammy's Recipes for the in-season recipe swap.

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Donna said...

Looks and sounds yummy to me!