Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday Garden Update, Week 1

I got *most* of the rest of the garden planted this week. I planted two rows of onions, beans, Indian corn, and gourds on Monday. Hubs isn't too impressed with the gourds but I've promised to pick them all this fall so they won't grow volunteer next year. (Wow that rhymes way too much.) Yesterday while the Goose was napping, I put in the tomato and pepper plants. I think the tomatoes are Best Boy and we have four green bell pepper plants and four jalapeño plants.

The white things around the plants are pieces of plastic irrigation pipe that Hubs cut up the first year we put in a garden. We put those around the plants to protect them, plus it holds water in pretty well. We mulch in there to help it out even more. As the tomato plants get bigger, we may put a piece of fence along there so they have some support. We also put fence along the green beans, since we plant pole beans. It makes them much easier to pick - I don't have to stand on my head!

You may notice that this week's picture isn't great . . . that's because it's raining! And that's why the potatoes haven't been planted. They're cut up and waiting per Laura's instructions. Hopefully they won't have to wait too much longer.

So, I have:
2 rows of peas
2 rows of carrots
1 row of tomatoes
2 rows of onions
1 row of peppers
a blank spot for potatoes
2 rows of green beans
2 rows of Indian corn
2 rows of gourds

I can't wait!


Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

Wow, Lenetta, you have been busy! I'm tired just from reading about all the work you've been doing. ;-) Looks great so far, and I bet you'll have an amazing garden this year. Keep us all posted!

Laura@HeavenlyHomemakers said...

Your garden sounds awesome! We've got our potatoes, onions and broccoli in, but the rest of the garden isn't tilled yet. soon. We're getting so close to the last freeze date, right?!!! Really, spring really is here, right?