Saturday, May 16, 2009

Holy Buckets, It's Raining Links

Either I'm saving a lot more links to share with all of you, dear readers, or my favorites really truly grow by this much every week. Yikes.

(And the raining reference? I've not been able to hang diapers on the clothesline for a good sunning in a long time! I only wash every other day, and it seems like the sun slips behind some clouds just as I throw them in the wash. Plus it really did rain yesterday morning!)

OK, I'll try and be brief (and categorized):

Cardamom's Pod has suggestions for doctoring up honey to make syrup. YUM and probably healthier, too.

Mom's Frugal has some great tips on grinding wheat. I would so love to try that sometime!

I love the Tightwad Gazette books and am glad Trent at the Simple Dollar reminded me of the basic casserole recipe that can be tweaked thousands of ways.
Craftzine has a homemade hand scrub that must smell delicious.

Hubs doesn't have any old dress shirts, so I might have to hit Goodwill or the local thrift store to pick up a shirt to turn into a toddler dress and pants as shown by luvinthemommyhood.

I'm fascinated by things such as these glass tile pendants by the Idea Room. Except I don't have that many people to make them for!

Goose isn't quite big enough to make these pussy willows but she will be next time I turn around, I think.

Tipnut has a post on home remidies from the spice rack.
US Dept of Energy has links for energy audits, both by a pro and DIY.

Tipnut has suggestions on preventing mosquito bites. I'm especially allergic to bites - my least favorite part of summer. (OK, besides excessive heat and humidity.)

I am trying so hard not to subscribe to Repurposeful, a blog about re-purposing things. If anybody else subscribes, please pass along all the cool posts, K? :>)

Letterboxing is the precursor of geocaching. Both very interesting!

Since I have determined that I am able to exercise little to no willpower (and get little to no exercise most days, sigh), The No S Diet is extremely intriguing.

Tipnut also has some links and tips on Once A Month Cooking.

Further, somewhere I stumbled across Once A Month Mom, an OAMC site, but I'm having trouble wrapping my mind around how to navigate the pages.

While I'm not crazy about the exact design, this garage door painting method could be tweaked however you like with a little thought. As long as you like the results, that's what matters!

Hubs's grandfather used to have bees on the farm, and I sent him this post from Here in the Bonny Glen with a note that we need to get those hives going again! I've put the book (Fruitless Fall) on my To-Read List, which means I'll likely get to it sometime around 2017. Sigh. (Link on Amazon goes to the paperback due out in Sept., hardback is already available.)
A Heart For Home has suggestions for print your own color pages that are actually fonts. So fun.

These flower collars on katie did are adorabale. What a neat (cheap) way to liven up an outfit for a little one!

Like Merchant Ships posted a few links on camping with littles. I might be brave enough to try it this year! Perhaps well start with a tent in the yard, though . . .

These dolls by Saintly Sewing on Etsy are way. too. cute.


Donna said...

We've had lots and lots and lots of rain here! It must evaporate from you and pour back out again down here in TN! :-)
Thanks for linking me!

Angela said...

That No S diet looks VERY intriguing!