Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Garden Update, Week 12

I spent some time yesterday weeding and am feeling a little overwhelmed at the amount of produce that is about to start showing up! To refresh memory, here's what my garden looked like seven short weeks ago:

And here is what it looks like now:
Starting in the front of the picture, my volunteer sunflowers are still going strong - even the one that blew over during a storm. I'm sure glad that I didn't pull it out right away - it's been fun to watch.

The peas were a huge dud. I didn't even bother picking any. Bummer.

My carrots are doing pretty well. I pulled a few more today and put them in grilled potatoes though as I typed this, I remembered that I left them on the grill. For about two and a half hours. You see, Hubs isn't feeling well, but it didn't come on until after I had started cutting up potatoes (using my chop wizard) and thawing hamburger, so I went ahead and cooked it all up. But the potatoes weren't done by the time the hamburgers were done, so I left them out there. Let's just say they're plenty tender!

The tomatoes are frightening me a bit. My plants are ENORMOUS. And there are a whole lot of green tomatoes in there - so many that I'm afraid I'm going to have some rot because I'm not going to be able to *find* them all!

My onions are doing fine, although as I've mentioned before, I need to plant them deeper because they end up growing above ground. That can't be good.

I saw ONE lone green bell pepper, and no jalapenos. I have some blooms, though, so maybe they're just setting on crazy late? Not sure.

The potatoes appear to be doing quite well. As are the volunteer potatoes that are in with the corn. We should have LOTS of them - yum!

My green beans are starting to bend the fences because they're so thick! I really should have thinned them out . . . hindsight, I guess. The good news is we'll have plenty to share.

The Indian corn is looking good, too. I have a bit of volunteer in a few places, though it took a thumping in a recent windstorm. I love to use corn stalks to decorate my porch in the fall and will hopefully be able to use these this year. We didn't plant any Indian corn last year so I didn't get to decorate much. Hubs is a little busy that time of year. :>)

And last but not least at all, the gourds are taking over. It's going to be interesting - Hubs doesn't think I can get them all picked and we'll have tons of volunteer ones until the end of time. I see that as a challenge!

Hope your gardens are all doing well - what have you been eating out of them?

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2Shaye said...

That looks magnificent. My garden hasn't produced much, yet. I got started in May and something ate everything out there. So I had to replant everything in June and some of that was eaten, too! So half of my 4X4 is empty but three tomato plants are doing okay, three jalapeno plants are producing peppers--I've already pulled one this week. And we've pulled a few onions and have several more large ones that are finishing up. We also have bell pepper and then a zucchini plant that's still slowly starting off. And my herb garden is off and running (cilantro, sage, parsley, oregano, thyme, etc.).

I haven't blogged any of this. I'm not sure why...but it seems that despite all of our tedious garden plans for this year, things just didn't go as planned. We'll have a later than normal harvest. But as long as I get my tomatoes, jalapenos, onions, bell peppers, and cilantro I'll be thrilled. Those are the main ingredients for my all-time favorite salsa. I can a lot of it at once and my family in Texas would love to get some jars of it if I have any to spare. :)