Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Unsettled Tummy

I'm a firm believer in "blogging without obligation" so I haven't really felt compelled to write anything this week but thought I'd at least mention that.

The upset tummy is Goose's - not mine. I had intended to start potty training Goose but she thwarted me by coming down with the stomach flu. So far it hasn't been terrible, but I've had to switch her to disposable diapers, do some extra laundry, and she's had a number of baths.

Hubs and I are making tentative plans to attend a cousin's wedding in Wyoming in a few weeks, and I am the sort to not do anything without researching and planning the heck out of it (though it all usually goes out the window at some point) so that is giving me something to look forward to. Though it reminds me that we didn't get the DVD player for the car a while back . . .

I'm working on a very cool (at least I think it is!) gift for my sister-in-law's birthday that was last weekend, so I'll be posting about that as soon as it's done and in the mail.

Remember how I mentioned a while back that I am participating in a Bible study? It's on the Holy Spirit - good stuff. This morning, another participant asked if we'd noticed any difference in our lives. I mentioned that lately, I've been feeling like things are going pretty well. I've not won the lottery or anything, but even the little bumps like cleaning the carpet after a sick toddler hasn't been too bad. And I've tried to remember to be thankful for that - God is good all the time! (edit: He's even good at 1 AM, after yet another change of sheets and two diapers and papa's sweatpants. But I might not quite feel the same when the sun comes up!)

Hope everyone else is having a good week!


Angela said...

Poor little angel, I hope she's better soon! You have a very good attitude about it.

I've got an awful cold right now, I'm praying that Monte and Isabella don't get it because we are going on vacation next week.

Shaye said...

First, me too on the BWO site. I'm a big fan of not feeling obligated. Second, I'm so sorry to hear about the tummy issues. Poor thing. Third, will you be driving to Wyoming? If you pass through the panhandle, I'd love to meet up if possible. Would that be fun?!

Have a great day!