Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Summer Deliciousness

Note - I re-arranged this post a bit and am linking it to the camping recipes over at Life as Mom - head over for more great ideas! I can personally verify these potatoes are delicious added to breakfast burritos like the ones Joy posted!

Another "recipe" we enjoyed this weekend was potatoes on the grill. (I think I mentioned that?) I don't have a particular recipe for it, but I cut up a potato or two per person depending on how small they are and how much else we're eating. I spread the potatoes out on a large piece of heavy duty foil and add some or all of the following: chopped onion, chopped red or green pepper, and/or chopped carrots. I then sprinkle everything with garlic powder and seasoned salt (could add other spices - and some ground black pepper) then top it with some slices of butter cut off a stick. I pull the sides of the foil up and roll them down to seal and then seal the ends similarly.

To cook, I grill over indirect heat, flipping every 10 minutes or so to avoid burning and cook evenly, for about 45 minutes to an hour. You really just want everything to be tender, but I've cooked it to the point of falling apart and it's still delicious. Top with some shredded cheese for a real treat. (Shown here with a veggie burger.) Bonus points if any or all if it is from your garden!

Remember that I made cherry pie filling? It turned out great! The recipe I more or less used is here. I then used the blueberry crisp topping mentioned here. I'm terrible at taking pictures of food (combination of photographic inexperience and terrible lighting when the food is ready), but here's a picture of the cherry crisp being enjoyed by Goose.

Finally, here is a recipe to use up your leftover pineapple juice from the chicken recipe. I actually freeze pineapple juice (extra or not) in 2 cup portions to use here. That way you have a head start on cooling it down! Just break it into pieces to help it melt more quickly.

Paradise Punch

1 pkg Kool-Aid (I use the dye-free cherry)
1 c sugar (or less)
2 c water
1 c pineapple juice (can use orange juice instead, I've never tried it)
1 liter club soda

In 2 quart pitcher, mix Kool-Aid, sugar, water, and juice until dissolved. Refrigerate until ready to serve; add club soda just before serving.

Yum! I've made this for years, although I've tried to cut back on the sugar. Goose just gets a splash in with her water, if any - I've found that with juice or the like, she'll drink it and insist on more, refusing to eat anything. It isn't pretty.

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Annemarie said...

Those potatoes sound delicious. We are going to have to try that this summer; that is if it ever warms up around here.