Monday, June 8, 2009

Why-Don't-I-Just-Move-It-To-Monday Garden Update, Week 6

Once again, I thought about taking a picture yesterday but ended up cleaning the basement instead. Oh, did it need it! I was pretty wiped out after I got done, too. I vacuumed today, and hope to get my filing done, and I'll feel a lot better about things. We also had a little barbecue last night, something we've done the past 3 or so weekends and I hope we continue. My mom and my MIL both joined us. Fun!

So, here's what the garden looks like this week:

I did some more mulching and weeding, and Hubs came back later with a couple MORE loads of grass clippings that I need to spread still. Not sure that I'll get it done today, but I'm thinking tomorrow for sure. My tomatoes are looking quite well, but the peppers are still pretty puny. Hubs brought the fencing for the green beans home and got posts in for the tomatoes, so I bet all that will be up by this time next week. The Indian corn is doing great, even though we've had a number of unseasonably cool days. (I've enjoyed the heck out of them, though!) I also got the final 1/3 of the gourd area weeded. Whew!

PS - there are a couple of large-ish plants on the near side of my garden - I think they're volunteer sunflowers. We also have a couple of hollyhocks on the left side of the garden - don't know where they came from, but they sure are happy to be here. :>)


Angela said...

Lookin' good! We seem to have the opposite problem - our peppers are looking great, and our tomatoes are not.

Lenetta @ Nettacow said...

Maybe we can meet in the middle and have a swap! :>)

koala brains said...

We are growing a garden, too, and things are going like crazy. My peppers aren't doing so hot nor is the mysterious plant that we forgot to label.