Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday Garden Update, Week 7

My garden is doing great! The peppers are finally perking up a bit, and everything else is just growing along. Hubs has all the pieces of fence up except for a little bit for the green beans.

Goose and I went to Mass last night, so this morning I went out and weeded most of the garden. (I took the picture first, while I was thinking about it!) It's a much easier task with all the mulch, but there are some places that don't have any yet. By the time I got about 80% done weeding, the sun was out and I was hot, sweaty, and just plain tired. In fact, I'd be taking a nap now if it weren't for all the screeching that I've been hearing over the monitor. (Sigh.) I'm hoping things will quiet down soon, though. And since my lawn mower is still in the shop, it looks like Hubs will have to mow one more time with the riding mower, which means that I should (hopefully) have enough grass to finish mulching.

I don't think I've updated on how things are growing in the garden I planted at Hubs's grandmother's place. In short: not great. :>) It looks like at least a plant or two of everything is coming up - out of the 4-6 seeds I planted in 2-4 "hills" each! I think I'll have four or so vines of spaghetti squash, three or so of butternut squash, two or three of cantaloupe and watermelon, and the pumpkins probably are doing the best, though I can't remember how many of them came up. Better than a poke in the eye, though.

Feel free to share how things are growing at your place! The monitor is finally quiet, so I think I'm going to go lie down!

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Kim said...

Wow!! It's looking great!! I finally have something in the ground! Now I'm motivated to add on!