Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Introducing My Hubs

I realized that I wrote this post a while back but never published it. This is Hubs feeding cattle. Hee.

After high school, Hubs spent four and a half years in the Air Force and was stationed in San Antonio, TX; Biloxi, MS; Minot, ND; Osan, South Korea, and Keflavik, Iceland. I joke that it's crazy I had to move *away* from Colorado Springs, practically the Air Force capitol of the world, to meet my fly boy.

He now farms and raises cattle with his dad and in conjunction with other uncles and cousins. One fun part of our relationship has been the way he patiently explains what this piece of machinery does or how [insert farming operation here] works. (I still have a lot to learn.)

Although he worked on radios in the USAF, he got his private pilot's license on his own. An unfortunate quirk of mine is that I can get motion sickness just sitting still! We've flown a number of places - the farthest being San Antonio for a Husker game - but now he just mostly zooms around locally. Lately he's started doing some loops and rolls and I do a lot of praying from the ground. I trust his skills implicitly - it's the plane and wind and stuff that might not hold up their end of the bargain.

He is an amazing papa, too. I'd not have made it through those first (FIFTEEN!) difficult months without him. I think Goose would climb over me and run right past a kitty begging to be petted if a tractor ride with Papa was waiting. One good lesson I've learned by watching him is that he's quite willing to let Goose play in the dirt or eat something messy but delicious. Things are definitely more fun with him around.


Rachel said...

Nononono!! Don't you see, he is trying to attack me with the tractor (TractorAttacker). :) Check out the smoke from the tractor in the background!! Haha!

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

So nice to meet your hubby! :-)