Friday, June 19, 2009

Baby Changing Table

I have designs of doing a little tour of our nursery which was assembled with things that were mostly given to us, but for now, I'll start with telling about our changing table. The first thing you may notice is that it's actually a dresser!

This is what my mother used as a changing table for my brother and me, and I happily accepted when she offered it to me to use with the Goose. I believe she put a folded towel down as a pad; I opted to purchase a changing pad from Wal-Mart for about $20. (it looks like it's gone up a bit)

Rather than buy several covers for it, I received two homemade ones as gifts (my MIL made the one shown below) and after measuring, I found a pair of extra large pillowcases on clearance that match the rest of the room perfectly. When Goose was still spitting up, I placed a burp rag under where her head laid and changed it as needed.

(Note that you can see my homemade wipes and homemade detangler in the photos!)

Goose has always enjoyed watching herself in the mirror, and it is so handy to have her things right there as I'm changing her. The top left drawer has been used for burp rags, socks, leg warmers, and now holds some tiny undies, too; the top right drawer holds her "toiletry" items such as hair doodads, comb, clippers, thermometer, and lots more miscellaneous. The middle drawer holds her clothes (I hang some in the closet as well), and the bottom drawer holds blankets. I probably need to move those out as we don't use them at all.

When the door is open, it is against the side of the dresser, so I put a stick-on pad on the door to protect both of them. Then, I hung a hook that goes over the door, and tied a pretty ribbon to the handle of a basket I received as a shower gift and use that to hold diapers in reach.

In the top picture, you can see a small calendar hanging on the wall in the reflection of the mirror. During Goose's first year, I had one of those calendars on which you can record all their "firsts". Last year, we received a calendar with pictures of my nieces on it, and it now hangs in the spot. Goose loves looking at her cousins, and naming them off.

Underneath the dresser, I keep a large stainless steel bowl with some toys, and usually I keep her extra disposable diapers under there, too.

So, for about $30 and blessings from friends and family, we have enjoyed a delightful place to diaper our little one! For more frugal ideas, visit Life As Mom!


Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

I used a dresser as a changing table too, and it worked beautifully! The dresser was at the perfect height, and all I had to do was add a changing pad, just like you. A dresser is so much more versatile than a changing table too.

debra said...

I also used a dresser as a changing table and don't regret it one bit. I am still using the dresser in my daughter's room and she is 7. I had the changing pad and 2 covers - all received as gifts. :) I put a cloth diaper on top of the pad and cover after those first few days when I was washing both covers a couple times a day! It really helped.