Monday, June 1, 2009

Sunday-Sure-Went-Fast Garden Update, Week 5

I actually thought about taking a picture yesterday and didn't get it done. Then I did get a pic taken today but blanked on posting it. So, without further ado . . .

There are actually things to see this week! We put a piece of fence up for the peas to climb on (which I don't think we've done in previous years because I've grumbled about standing on my head to pick peas - I sure need to be more grateful!). You don't notice the carrots between the peas and the happily growing tomatoes because my dad weeded and thinned them for me. (Yes, he IS a great guy!) My onions seem to be doing OK, although they probably could stand to be thinned, too.

Once I got the peppers a drink of water they perked back up, but I think they'll benefit from the rain we're supposed to get tonight and tomorrow. My potatoes aren't coming in all that well, but I think about 14 of the 21 pieces I planted are coming up, so that's not bad. Plus we have a few volunteer ones scattered about that Hubs has developed some sort of affection for. :>)

The green beans are doing well, and they'll get their own pieces of fence soon. Which is wonderful because I definitely don't like standing on my head to pick them! I replanted some of my Indian corn but I'm not too worried about whether it'll come up or not. My gourds are the only thing I didn't get weeded . . . but I'm worried that if I pulled everything else up, the few gourds I do have might die of loneliness! Maybe this week - it's supposed to be cooler here.

The cherry crisp turned out pretty well if I do say so myself - I'll try to get it and another recipe or two posted this week. I finally picked up some split chicken breasts, so I'll share how I use them in my freezer cooking. But for now, I think it's my bedtime. Happy Monday, everyone!


Lori said...

Wow, things are looking good! :)

Kim said...

Lots of green! Good!

I've not planted a thing! I'd better get some tomato plants in or I'll be buying them at the farmer's market this year!