Friday, June 19, 2009

Inaugural Seven Quick Takes

We had quite a hail storm go through last night. No branches down, but lots of leaves are scattered all over. Our siding took some hard dings, and my garden looks a bit sad. I'm hoping it'll bounce back!! A cousin that lives a few miles from us said she noted hail that was near baseball sized. Yikes!

Hubs is fishing again today. I'm glad he gets to do fun things like that but I sure miss him while he's gone.

Goose and I are going to hit some garage sales this weekend. The nearby town is having city-wide sales, and I've marked a few that I want to go to for sure. One of the outfits I picked up for her last weekend is missing a few buttons, grr! It's my fault for not looking it over more closely. If I had sold it, though, I'd have attached a note (or piece of tape) that noted the missing buttons, AND I sure wouldn't have sold it for $2.75! But that's just me.

I practiced my knitting just a little bit more. I think I'm doing it right, anyway. I'm very deliberate still - my mom told me how she could knit and read, or watch TV. I'm not there yet.

I noted that Goose didn't nap the day I learned how to knit, and didn't sleep all that well that night. She's taken great naps since then (even falling asleep quickly, not her normal MO) and didn't peep once during the storm last night. It's all about letting go of that fear, right? Even when the two-year-old is being VERY TWO!

I don't think I've mentioned that Goose is going to be gone for a whole WEEK around the 4th of July. She's going to my parents', and my brother and his family will be there, so she'll have a ball. I'm pretty sure I'm going to miss her like crazy, in between appointments for a massage and my annual exam, work, hopefully a baseball game with Hubs, etc.
Oh, I really have no excuse for not cleaning the house top to bottom - except for all the blog posts I want to write. I'm thinking of a system where for every minute that I clean, I can spend like 50% of that much time on the computer, until the cleaning is done. Maybe I'd better cut back to 25%, though . . .

I will be participating in a weekly Bible study starting next week. I'm looking forward to spending a bit more time in God's word - there's so much to learn, and I can't figure it all out on my own!

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This Heavenly Life said...

Baseball sized hail!? That'll kill ya!

I'm terribly interested in your cleaning/blogging scorekeeping system...however I'd probably never be allowed to blog if it depended upon my good housekeeping! Strangely enough, I blog better when my house is clean and clutter free. It makes my mind feel clutter free too? I should really take full advantage of that and clean better, to blog better!

Angela said...

I'm glad you survived the storm okay!

She's going to be gone for a whole week! Wow! I'm sure she'll have a blast, and you'll enjoy getting some things done. When Isabella was gone last weekend, I got so much done outside. I think I got done in one day what I probably would've gotten done in two weeks of nap times.

Enjoy your Bible Study! I joined one that meets every week last summer. I love it, although Isabella isn't always a fan of me leaving her in the kids room. But then I just let her sit with me.