Friday, June 19, 2009

Weekly Link Roundup - Where Does Time Go?

It seems like I just posted one of these, and here it is the weekend again already. Holy buckets. Goose and I had a few hours of power shopping garage sale style today and yesterday. We came home with a toddler-sized slide, a bag of clothes pegs (just wait 'till you see what I do with THOSE!), a couple of vintage-ish craft book as is my seeming passion, a sit-and-spin, and a few other odds and ends. My goal was to find a pressure-type baby gate and an electric knife. No dice. Goose is a bit under the weather, a bit of a cold and her first actual episode of puking. Here's hoping THAT doesn't repeat itself anytime soon. Anyway, here's what I bookmarked this week:

I thought this is a good intro article on bulk buying. (Wise Bread)

My kitchen is currently a war zone as this article on Tipnut is helping me get rid of ants. So far, so good.

We have two cats that like to sit in the windows and look out. One of their favorite windows is directly above our bedroom (that is in the basement) window. Occasionally, tom cats will wander by and mark their territory, and due to the poor quality of our window, our bedroom then stinks! I have taken to sprinkling cayenne pepper outside our window every now and then, but this article also from Tipnut gives cleanup pointers.

Thrifty Mommy at has a recipe for pumpkin crunch cake that makes me want to go bake RIGHT NOW. I'm thinking I'll leave out the nuts, though.

And if I'm feeling the need to be just a bit healthier, I'll try this apple bread recipe from Frugal Upstate. (Hope the link works, it gave me some trouble.)

There is so much I could say about this . . . but the bottom line is that I believe IVF is morally wrong. Here is a story about a couple's baby that was aborted after the embryo was implanted in the wrong woman.

This is interesting - a reprint of an article by an agnostic who is wondering why people can't figure out that the Catholic Church is not a democracy.

I love this list of ways to help your toddler behave at Mass at First Heralds. We can't pass a brick building that *might* be a church without saying "Hi, Jesus!". And considering our church is one block from our house, we say hi to Him a lot.

Fall is my favorite time of year, and I love these ideas at Martha Stewart for a fall party. Of course, Hubs is too busy actually harvesting for me to throw a harvest party, but I can dream.

And if I have such a party, I might whip up some cute little party lights as shown here at

Here's a very cute girly skirt at Pleasant View Schoolhouse. I don't know how Goose is going to run around the farm in all these skirts I'm bookmarking, but thank goodness we go to church!

I am head over heels for these silhouette paintings at Chasing Cheerios. We won't get to them in time for Father's Day, but that's OK 'cause it would help Goose to be a bit older, anyway.

These bath salt bars are a great gift idea. (Instructables)

Sweet Thing(s) has a recipe for cornstarch dough that I bet Goose would enjoy.

I could see making notecards with this flower pounding method found at Build/Make/Craft/Bake.


Annemarie said...

We have been having huge problems with ants this year as well, never have before. But I think (fingers crossed) we are winning the battle.

That pumpkin recipe sounds good. We love pumpkin anything around here. Try using fresh pumpkin from a sugar pumpkin instead of the canned stuff (which sometimes isn't even pumpkin but butternut squash). You will be amazed at the rich sweet flavor and how good it is.

Some of our daughters just started wearing skirts while working at the farm. So far so good.

Lenetta @ Nettacow said...

Annemarie, I froze some pumpkin last year, though I couldn't tell you if it was sugar pumpkins or not. I planted some over at Hubs's grandmother's and am hoping for the best. :>) I really should can it instead of freezing, though - maybe this will be the year!

Angela said...

Yay for garage sales, I LOVE them! Our city wide garage sales are this week, I can't wait! I hope your little Goose feels better soon, poor thing.

Ray said...

Speaking of a kitchen being a war zone, we are in the final planning stages for remodeling our kitchen. The house was a barn, originally constructed probably in the 1870s or 1880s, that was converted to a house in 1920. We still have much of the 1920s wiring. We've redone every room at least once except the kitchen, it was last remodeled in about 1971by the previous owner.

Anyway, we're working with a local kitchen/bath contractor who employees professional designers. We've selected the layout, cabinets, countertops and flooring. Now we are waiting on the price tag.

Lenetta @ Nettacow said...

Angela, hope you get some great bargains! I found some buttons to sew on the outfit I got for Goose and she's wearing it today.

Ray, good luck with that! Good thing your missus is in charge, she'll have it organized and whipped into shape in no time. Plus I'm sure you'll still be very well fed in the interim. :>) E-mail the group some pics!

Anonymous said...

Loved your post on Conversation Diary. Prayer cards as a toy but leading to discussion of lives of the saints and Jeasus, Mary, etc. Smart idea.

Momma Miller said...

Lenetta, I'm so happy to have "found" your blog. YAY, another Nebraskan to follow. I don't see a "follow" gadget, so I'll just put you in my Google reader so that I can keep up with your blog journey. You're a much more active blogger than I am. I sometimes skip an entire week when we're busy. Maybe I'll do better this summer. And...I love what I'm reading. Looks like we have a bit in common (not surprising in the least) so this will be very fun for me!


~Shaye (From NFOM)