Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Preparing Oatmeal for Toddlers

Learning to eat is messy business. When Goose was starting solids, I used baby rice cereal and baby oatmeal to thicken her baby food so it was easier to feed to her without it running everywhere. I use the same idea when I prepare oatmeal for her now - keep it thick.

I use less water for her oatmeal so that it stays on the spoon better on the way to her mouth. If I don't have enough water, though, it's a bit difficult for her to get on the spoon. It's a balance, and I don't measure the water; rather I eyeball it. Clean-up is much easier!

For more kitchen tips, visit Tammy's Recipes. And for those of you coming over from Tammy's Recipes, please visit this post that I wrote this weekend about cooking a frozen casserole and cheese buns on the grill!


Sharinskishe said...

Such a simple idea! This makes me think that I have heard that one can add instant mashed potatoes to stews or soups to thicken them a bit. Anyway, I am sure the mom's of wee ones out there will be able to use this.

Thanks for sharing.



Angela said...

Hmmm, I haven't tried oatmeal with Isabella since she was a baby. I really should, I bet she would like it.

In response to your bug repellant/ sunscreen question - our town sprays for bugs every week, and we have never had any bugs. I feel two ways about this, I LOVE being able to enjoy being outside without any bugs (especially mosquitos), but that must be some pretty harsh chemicals to wipe out absolutely everything. Do I really want my little girl playing in grass with all those chemicals?!
My mom always swore by Skin So Soft by Avon.

Sunscreen - I would love to find a more natural one, but I have been using a store brand spray on one (similar to water babies).

We've always done the bath every night thing, she's always loved her bath until about a week ago. I'm praying it's a short phase because it hasn't been pleasant for anyone!

Let me know what you find for both sunscreen and bug repellant. We're going on a couple of camping trips soon, so I'll have to get some sort of bug repellant. I'm going to look and see if we have any Skin So Soft, if we do, I'll probably use that.

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

I like to use oatmeal to thicken up Clara's food too. It works really well! You're right about not adding too much water... great tip!

tesslouise said...

Another way to feed toddlers oatmeal is to cook it REALLY thick and then drop spoonfuls onto a plate to cool. Oatmeal they can eat with their hands!