Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Making Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts

No, I'm not part chicken. Nor do I butcher the lovely ladies that run around the yard at the farm. (I told Hubs long ago that I can't eat anything that has a name. Sorry, dear.)

You know how I mentioned before that I'm a recovering vegetarian? Raw chicken is THE WORST in my mind. (Well, there are actually a lot of things categorized as THE WORST, but that's really up there.) So I use plastic or latex gloves when handling it. Plus it's easier to slip them off (carefully) and go attend to a certain 2-year-old having a fit than to stop and wash up. Ahem.

I didn't invent this method, but I sure do like it. Basically, you pull off the skin and cut the nice, meaty breast off, then cook up the part with bones, pull off the cooked meat, and use it in recipes. And you also have some nice boneless skinless chicken breasts to do whatever you do with them. Amy at Finer Things has a picture tutorial here, and I initially saw the idea here on a Frugal Fridays post.

Previously, I have flash frozen the breasts and boiled the bone in part and then frozen that (or put it in recipes and frozen it). This time, I put the breasts in marinade and tossed them in the freezer and I have the bone-in parts in the crock pot. We'll see how it turns out. I'll put the recipes in the next post.

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