Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy Blogiversary to Me! Giveaway Time!

EDIT - Giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to Heather!

Through the kindness of the people at CSN Stores, I'm having my very first sponsored giveaway! They have many, many different sites will all kinds of neat stuff available. I had the choice of doing a review, where *I'd* get to keep the thing, and a giveaway, where YOU get something. I'm all about my readers, though, so I chose the giveaway.

It was tough to narrow down what to do - they have everything from kids beds to outdoor toys and everything in between. Thankfully, they gave me a price limit to keep me in check! I did a little bit of wiggling, though, and chose Tinker Toy 114 Piece Frontier Logs and Tinker Toy 75 Piece Frontier Logs. Both will go to one lucky winner. (Believe me, I spent a LOT of time looking at their Melissa and Doug Arts and Crafts section...)

So, it seems I was too busy recovering from writing my two enormous posts on food additives to properly celebrate my one year blog anniversary. Take a quick walk down memory lane with me -

My very first post - Welcome to Nettacow! The only things that have really changed are that Goose is now potty-trained (can you believe I MISS the cloth diapers?!?) and she's also weaned. :>)

Have you ever wondered Why Nettacow? Check that post out to hear the story.

I was almost afraid to look for this next post - my Inaugural Garden Update. My hard-working, corn-planting Hubs hasn't even had time to till our garden yet. That's OK, I think we're still ahead of the game with regards to frost. Our lows have been in the low 40s, which isn't exactly plant growing weather.

So, if you'd like to win this super fun giveaway, here's how:
1) Leave a comment on this post. Make sure I have a way to contact you if you win! You can leave a cryptic myemail at domain dot com if you prefer.

2) Subscribe to my blog in a reader or by e-mail, or "follow" me. Make sure you leave a comment that you do! [And if you want to enter the giveaway for the What are all those funny things in food...and should I eat them? by Jane Hersey from the Feingold Association of the US, please make sure to leave me a comment over there that you subscribe or follow. Depending on how you sign up, I don't know who you are! Not that I *need* to know in any creepy way, of course...just if you want to sign up for the giveaway. Moving on...]

3, 4, 5) Share this giveaway in a blog post, on facebook, or on twitter. Please leave a separate comment for each that you do.

This giveaway will end next Sunday, the 9th, at 9 PM central time. I'll use to pick a winner. Remember, you don't have to have kids of your own to enter - you can give it to nieces or nephews, grandkids, next-door-neighbors, a lovely family at your church, donate it at Christmastime - it's up to you! Good luck!

[Disclaimer - CSN Stores is providing the items for this giveaway free of charge. I was not compensated in any way for this giveaway. If there's any other legal mumbo jumbo that I ought to include, please consider it inserted here. Thank you.]


Zimms Zoo said...

I follow you.

Zimms Zoo said...

I would love to win. (I am suppose to make this a seperate comment right?)

Zimms Zoo said...

I posted on FB.

Heather said...

Super happy for you! I should check when I was probably about a year ago too. Funny how time flies, isn't it?

I would LOVE these for Little Guy! I got a few Lincoln Logs at a rummage sale last year and have them hidden away. We love, love, love these kinds of toys!


Heather said...

And I follow you! :)


pixie13 said...

I would love to win these for my daughter. Thanks for the chance!


pixie13 said...

email subscriber


pixie13 said...



Donna said...

Oh yippee!
Please sign me up!
I love these logs- almost more than my boys!

Kathryn said...

Wow, please enter me, what fun!

Anonymous said...


My nephew would LOVE these--as long as he doesn't figure out how much fun they are to throw at siblings like my brother (his dad) and I did as kids! :)

Madeline said...

Very Cool!

Jay said...

I think hubby would have fun building with the kids.

Marisa said...

I loved these growing up! I think my daughter and (soon to be) son will love these!

mrspeters dot 16 at gmail dot com

edmontonjb said...

My boys would love these


edmontonjb said...

I'm following with google friend connect


Liz G. said...

Im following you via email

jlizgar at msn dot com

Liz G. said...

These look like a wonderful toy to expand the imagination! All 3 of my kids would love them I am sure

jlizgar at msn dot com

Kristen said...

Why do I think ALL the adults are gonna be down on the floor playing with these?!? I remember how much we loved building toys as a kid!

couponboss at gmail dot com