Sunday, April 26, 2009

Welcome to Nettacow!

This blog is actually kind of a birthday present to myself, as I just turned 33. Here are some random things about me:

I am a farm wife, and have been married five and a half years.

I have one daughter, who just turned two. We call her Goose or Honker because she used to make a honking noise when she was a baby. It was kind of a sigh, I think.

I love cats! So does my daughter.

We live in a very small town (less than 100 people, only businesses are the post office and a feed store) and our farm is a mile away.

We'll get to live on the farm across the road from hubs's parents someday.

When that happens, there will be cattle in my backyard and chickens in my garden. And my barn cats will be right outside the door!

I love using cloth diapers on my daughter.

I am Catholic, my hubs is Lutheran (MO Synod).

I love to make things - whether it's cooking, crafting, etc.

I have learned to let go of perfection on much of my crafting (wait till you see the ABC fabric book I made!) but it will take some time to get there with blogging. I seem to want everything to be perfect.

After my daughter was born, I went through a pretty tough time with the baby blues. I still suffer from insomnia.

My daughter still nurses a couple of times a day.

I think that's enough in the way of introduction for now. I have lots of post ideas - many based on the topics mentioned here - and look forward to sharing them with you soon!


Amy @ Finer Things said...

Yay, Lenetta! Do I get the honor of being the first to comment? I've also subscribed. Can't wait to hear more from you.

Happy Birthday!

Kim said...

Yay!!! She's posting!!! Nice little start-up post, me friend!

Sarah said...

Yeah! Welcome to the blogging world Lenetta!