Sunday, April 26, 2009

Why Nettacow?

One of the things that kept me from starting a blog was determining a name for it. I thought and thought about how to sum up what I wanted to write about in just a few short words. Catholic. Farm. Sewing/Crafting. Homeschool (well, not yet, but hopefully). Cats. None of them seemed just right, and picking one would mean leaving out the others.

Several years ago when I lived in Colorado Springs, I needed a computer user name. I tried various combinations of my unusual first name with my common last name, numbers, etc. and everything was already taken. My frustration mounted as each combination was rejected.

At the time, I was driving a black VW Jetta. My first VW was a Rabbit, and it had been named Thumper. Continuing the trend, a sweet cousin named my Jetta "Angus". In desperation, I combined my nickname of "Netta" with the "cow" from my car and it was accepted.

Not long after that, I had to get new licence plates for Angus. In the midst of my homesickness, it was difficult enough for me to give up my Nebraska plates. Nebraska and Colorado have a football rivalry and it seemed extra wrong that I was becoming a "greenie" (back then, that's what we called people from Colorado because of their green license plates). Having to write a bigger-than-I-was-used-to check for the license was insult to injury. I didn't even look at the plates they handed me and I headed out the door. Once I got home, I took off the plastic wrap to affix the stickers and put them on my car and that's when I noticed what I had been assigned.

Little did I know that only a few short years later, I'd find myself married to a cow farmer and living out my happily ever after.

Do you have a story behind your screen name?


The Woodall family said...

what a cool story! I like the name:)

Kim said...

Wow! That's an amazing story! See, you're gonna be good at this blogging thing!

2Shaye ♪♫ said...

Oh my goodness. This is hilarious, girl! I DO have a story behind mine. I know it looks all simple and obvious, but it's really not. And since you've now given me good blogging material, I'll write it all up in a post and link back to yours, of course. Thanks gal!