Sunday, April 26, 2009

Inaugural Sunday Garden Update

Last summer, I thought it would be interesting to chronicle the growth and changes in my garden weekly. It's funny; I could have just taken pictures and done it for my own purposes but apparently it isn't as fun if you're not sharing it with the world in a blog post, so I just filed the idea away for later.

This year, later has arrived. Allow me to introduce my garden!

We purchased the rest of our plants this afternoon, and hubs watched the little one while I planted two rows of peas and two rows of carrots. I plan to get more done tomorrow, and I surely will have it all planted by the time I update with another picture next Sunday. I suppose the only real changes will be more stakes along the edge and perhaps my neighbors will be doing something different and exciting. I'm sure you won't mind humoring me until things start sprouting, though!

Gardening is one area where being married to a farmer has significant advantages. We have easy access to cow, sheep, and chicken manure, for one. (Exciting, I know. Actually we could get pig manure, too, but I don't think we've ever put that on the garden.) Last week, hubs plowed the garden, and today he followed it up with rototilling it. The dirt is so light and fluffy, I feel like I could grow anything!

We have a nice-sized garden for our needs, I think. We haven't measured it, but I think it's somewhere around 15' by 45'. We may also plant a few things over at hubs's grandmother's garden - she has been in the rest home for the past few months recovering from a fall.

Up until now, I have mostly preserved our bounty by freezing it. I'm hoping this summer will be the one where I actually learn how to can! Stay tuned and feel free to provide any encouragement or tips. I can assure you that I will pretty much stay glued to blogs belonging to my friends Laura and Kim and try to do the amazing things that they do.


Kim said...

Oh no! If you're watching me I better get busy! You're ahead of me, so far. Do you think that spot was someone's garden eons ago? That soil is too easy! I wish I had all the manure you do. I buy mine in bags!

Lenetta @ Nettacow said...

It's only easy because of the tractor plowing and rototilling! Actually, I wish I'd have had him go over the spot a few more times where my onions are. It's kind of clumpy and I think that makes them not grow so well. Wish I'd have thought of that earlier.

Keep in mind that there are (ahem)drawbacks to having plentiful fresh manure nearby. :>) Those drawbacks show up on my shoes frequently!

Kim said...

Haha, well I guess buying in bags also has its advantages. :)

Can you hoe the area some to break it up more? Or sift it?