Saturday, May 1, 2010

Link Roundup - First Anniversary Edition

It feels kinda funny to have a whole year of blogging under my belt. I still feel like such a newbie at it (and I admit I don't spend a lot of time learning how to better my blogging) and I'm still having fun. It seems that Reading the Whole Internet has been my most consistent post - I sure enjoy putting it together and I hope you guys enjoy checking out some of what the interwebs have to offer from one convenient location.

Enough of the sappy stuff - let's check out some links!

I don't usually do this, but there is one post that I want to make sure you see. Under the Table and Dreaming has a neat tutorial on Freeze Pop Holders that is SUPER EASY and also quite cute. The very best part of all, though, is the link back to her post on Healthy Summertime DIY Freeze Pops! NO additives, no junk, just whatever you want to put in. LOVE IT!

How pretty, and how reusable! Make and Takes has a tutorial on making a Handmade Paper Corsage just in time for Mother's Day.

This Birthday Cake Puzzle Inspired By Mrs. Rosey Posey sounds like a lot of fun! Way to go, ImpressYourKids!

I am really digging this Crazy Easy Wall Art from Frugal Home Ideas. I love how people can take an ordinary item and use it in a funky way, and end up doing something cool like this!

Dying of cuteness here, this Napkin Dress Tutorial - Perfect For a Shower at How Does She? is SO SWEET.

Oops, I had briefly thought about making these May Baskets with Goose... guess I'll tuck that idea away for next year. (@ The Cupcake Cuppy)

This is actually just barely a "MAKE" versus a "DO" - Repurposed Onesies and T-Shirts = My Favorite No Sew Bib from The Mother Huddle.

Thus continues my fascination with felt food - Homemade by Jill has a great Felt Food Roundup.

Admittedly the only slide at our park is waaaay too tall and scary yet for Goose, but I'm tucking away the idea for this Towel Slide Sled from Pony Tails & Fish Scales. Very well done indeed!

These next three links come courtesy of Zimms Zoo - an almost-no-sew Diaper Clutch/Changing Station from Just Another Day In the Lives Of..., a Reusable Snack Bag Tutorial from Laura Wilson, and a Kitchen On The Go Tutorial for another reusable snack bag from Create Studio.

This post on Tipnut on Freezing Strawberries had me searching for a pick-your-own place, which made me think of Sarah's Honey Sweetened Strawberry Preserves. MMM!

I made A Year of Slow Cooking's Slow Cooker Peanut Butter Cup Cake for my birthday, and it was pretty good. I have a hot fudge (read: all chocolate!) version that I think I prefer, though this was interestingly better the next day than it was the first.

We weren't exactly crazy about the apple version I tried quite a while back, but I'm going to give the peach version of Puff Pancake a try. And I'll try not to be jealous of Annemarie's big family that necessitates doubling of the recipe. :>)

Katie at Kitchen Stewardship tells us How To Make Crispy Nuts to Reduce Phytic Acid.

I'm not sure if I've ever actually eaten them, but I'm fascinated by turnips. Tipnut tells us how to cook them here.

Speaking of MMM, Donna at Mom's Frugal tells us how to make Homemade Buttermilk Buns.

It's interesting that Tammy's Recipes just posted Whole Wheat Pita Chips... I just make whole wheat pitas this week.

Here's something I really need to do - learn how to Exercise When It's Not About Vanity. Heaven knows I'm the queen of excuses. (@ Conversion Diary)

Or maybe I could go all-out and jump into this Marine Style Fitness program. Although something tells me that would kill me. I'm afraid to even complete the free registration to see what it entails! So if you do it, let me know, k?

In case I haven't convinced you yet, here is another post on Extended Rear Facing for kiddos in car seats from Breezy Mama.

More Style Than Cash gives us some great tips on Photographing Children's Portraits.

When fall potato harvest hits, I am going to be ALL OVER Laura at Heavenly Homemaker's suggestion to Make Your Own Frozen Hashbrowns. Vacuum sealer, here we come! (Though I'll admit, I will likely make them into cubes instead of shredding them...for some reason, my brain thinks they taste better that way.)

Peppertowne gives us an easy How To... Drop-Down Menu tutorial.

Interesting reading - Outspoken Media explains The 5 Old Blogging Rules Killing Your Readership.

Oh, how I need to be reminded often of these words: "Eternity is a whole lot longer than a handful of decades on earth. Prioritize accordingly." Read the rest at Conversion Diary.

This post struck a chord with me - Of Weeds and Sin at Pondered in My Heart. It will certainly give food for thought as I undertake my own weeding projects.

This interesting article on The Shroud of Turin at The Catholic Thing noted a finding that I hadn't yet heard about - Christ's death certificate. Wow.

I really enjoyed this article from the National Review Online called Nun Sense: Women in the Catholic Church. I didn't realize there was a difference between a nun and a sister, for one!

With a nod and a squeeze to my cousin Lisa, I'm still cracking up over this post at Hyperbole and a Half The Alot Is Better Than You At Everything. (Hint: it's a hilarious look at the incorrect usage of "alot" instead of "a lot". There's a fictional monster involved that is actually quite adorable.)

Happy clicking!


Donna said...

Thanks for linking me Lenetta!

And I'm so excited for you! Getting to grind your own flour now! Yah! You're gonna have so much fun! ;-)

Ingrid @ Morestylethancash said...

Thanks for the link!

Sarah said...

Thanks for the link! Congrats on the Blogiversary!
-Sarah from Create Studio

Sarah said...

Happy First Anniversary Lenetta!!

How exciting! Can't wait to read more (and your Reading the Whole Internet posts are so handy . . . I find so many great links through you!)

Thanks also for the link!


MommyLydia said...

You have ONLY been blogging a year? I keep going back to your July 23rd post about Keeping toddlers busy in the car (and pointing others to it)

--another Sarah