Friday, August 28, 2009

Today's Treasures

I visited our thrift store today, for the first time since before we left on vacation. I'd been hitting it pretty hard right up until we left, looking for things to keep Goose occupied in the car. (Note: I updated with more pics and how things worked for us!) Today I was able to relax and browse a bit since I had a bit of time between working and heading home to pick Goose up for lunch. For $2, this is what I found:

Four games for ten cents each. We already have Scrabble, but I wanted to get an extra one to make necklaces! (You can read about my silhouette pendant making, and Make and Takes has the initial Scrabble tile pendant tutorial that got me thinking about it. Chasing Cheerios also put a new spin on Scrabble tile pendants.)

Sorry is an old favorite, Hurry Up is a new one I'd never seen before (it's kind of a marble maze, I think), and you fellow 80s kiddos may recognize ol' Simon. :>)

Here's the rest of the fun stuff! I picked up a copy of the OLD Cheaper by the Dozen, which my mom read to us a chapter at a time spread over several bedtimes - I can't bring myself to watch the Steve Martin movie. I'm sure it's nice, but it just isn't the same. Ahem. I also picked up a copy of Sewing With Scraps (which may end up as a give-away . . . ) and a coloring book for Goose.

I also found a small toy iron, which I think is similar to one I had as a wee lass (is that right, Mom? Did I have an ironing board, too? I need to dig around your basement . . . just as soon as I have an actual toy room to put it all in!) and a small sieve that she can use if we ever get her a sandbox. I also picked up some floral foam, a small packaged kit to make five cloth-covered buttons, some chenille stems (that I will forever refer to as pipe cleaners), three wooden clothes pegs for organizing ribbon scraps, a package of small wooden beads, a magnifying glass, and a package of wooden rings.

I need to dig around a bit more as I thought I had posted about a game I made for my nieces that used a wooden ring, but I sure can't find it. Maybe that'll be next week's Frugal Friday post - it was cheap and easy! (and hopefully fun!) Anyway. My total was actually only $1.75 but they don't make change so I rounded up. Not too shabby, eh? I've already told Hubs that IT IS ON - we'll be playing some Simon tonight!


Anonymous said...

Yes, you had an iron and ironing board..........I do not know if either one is still around. The wooden ring went with the colored stick game you gave the girls for their birthdays - right???? Dad cut a wooden bracelet down to use with the sticks.

Zimms Zoo said...

I had the very same simon when I was a kid. I played it all the time!

I recieved the babylegs. They are so cute and she has been wearing them with her gowns, at night, because her sisters think that it looks so cute!

2Shaye ♪♫ said...

I just love rummage sales. This is totally awesome! I considered, several years ago, picking up an extra scrabble game for some craft projects. I really oughta do that! Thanks for the reminder.

Two Christmases ago my mom bought my daughter an ironing board and iron. She talked about how much she loved hers when she was little and how much I loved mine when I was little. So I guess I just have one question, why don't I still love my ironing board and iron??? LOL

By the way, the baby legwarmers and crochet book came in and I can't stop touching them both. I've looked through the book multiple times and I already made my 1 y/o wear the leggings even though it was in the 70s outside. LOL They're adorable so I can't wait for it to get warm enough to REALLY wear them. YAY!

My Boaz's Ruth said...

I LOVED Cheaper by the Dozen, growing up. Did you know there was a sequel? Belles on Their Toes

Both books were made into movies back in the 50s, that stayed closer to the books. I got these as a wedding present and very much enjoy them. You might want to look for the older movies, starring Clifton Webb, Myrna Loy, etc.