Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bangle Bracelets

God surely has a sense of humor. My sweet cow farmer of a husband has two very lovely, trendy sisters. Now, I may have been raised a "city girl" (if you can call a town of 5,000 souls a "city"), but I have completely adapted to the rural life where a normal day means you see cows, cats, chickens, and an occasional neighbor drive by. I would hardly know a trend if it knocked on the door and invited itself for dinner.

So, when it comes to coming up with gifts for these lovely girls, I turn to one million of my closest crafty "friends" on the internet for guidance. Whenever I see something that I can make for them without a lot of expensive purchased inputs - but into which I can pour a lot of love - I bookmark it! (And I now pass all these ideas on to you, in my reading the whole internet posts.)

One such idea that I found last year turned into Christmas presents for my trendy sisters - One Pearl Button's decoupaged bangle bracelets. The instructions are easy enough for ME to follow, and the results were pretty good, I thought! (Photo is my sister-in-law who happened to be wearing one of her bracelets on the same day I posted this!)

Basically, you tear pages from a magazine or catalog and use Mod Podge to stick them on a wooden bracelet "blank". This was my first time with Mod Podge and I really got into it. I also sprayed them with an acrylic sealant so hopefully they wouldn't feel tacky. I enjoyed picking colors that I thought reflected their personalities and mixing and matching them so they'd flow well together.

I recently came across a similar version for the younger set at Whipup. I haven't made any yet, but perhaps Goose needs a couple so she can dress up like her aunties? I don't know - what's the old saying about how do you keep them down on the farm once they've seen the light of the city? Nah . . . I have a feeling Goose's favorite thing will always be tractor rides with papa so hopefully we're safe. :>)

Also, I'm soliciting advice on a vacuum sealer and a dehydrator to preserve our garden goodness . . . I'd love it if you Frugal Friday folk would head over to that post and share any knowledge you have!

And for more frugal ideas, visit Life as Mom.


Angela said...

Just when I think you couldn't get any craftier . . . you do! You are one talented lady! Those bracelets are great.

2Shaye ♪♫ said...

Man, you do find it all, don't you?! I may have to try this with our little one. She'd have a BALL!!

Mom2fur said...

Oh, wow! I remember making simliar bracelets (paper mache) as a kid! I'm definitely going to have to make a few of these for the little girls on my Christmas list.
Never mind the girls...I think I might make a few for myself.

Mod Podge Amy said...

So cute! The acrylic sealer should definitely keep it from being sticky. Good call!