Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Microwaved Scrambled Eggs

Sometimes it can be tough to get toddlers to eat enough protein. If Goose asks for eggs in the morning, I'm happy to oblige! The problem is that she wants eggs NOW . . . and though we're working on patience, first-thing-in-the-morning hungries are pretty rough.

To get breakfast on her high chair tray FAST, I use the microwave to cook a scrambled egg. I use a round glass dish, around four inches across. (I used to use plastic, but I think this method is pretty hard on them.) Grease it according to your favorite method, or whatever strikes your fancy in the morning - nonstick spray, bacon grease, butter, etc.

You can crack the egg directly in the dish and scramble it with a fork, or you can crack it into another bowl or cup, scramble, then add to the dish. The advantage of using a separate bowl is that you don't disturb the grease and the egg sticks a bit less, though I've found that either way I still need to handwash the bowl.

I start by microwaving for 30 seconds on high, then let the egg rest a bit to deflate. If it's a smaller egg, it may be cooked through; I usually give it another 10-20 seconds to make sure. (Runny eggs make me nervous.) Run a knife around the outer edge of the egg to loosen it from the bowl and tip it out onto a plate, then cut into pieces.

(EDIT: These are also perfect with cheese and bacon, sausage, or ham on biscuits or bagels! And now that Goose is older, I crack two eggs in the bowl and cook it for longer - a minute to a minute and a half, depending on size.)

And, if you're my Goose, holler for "sirup!" (a combo of honey and real maple syrup thinned a bit with water) in which to dip your toast and egg . . . then go to Tammy's Recipes for more kitchen tips.


Meal Planning with Connie said...

I did this for my kids when they were small, too!! I works like a charm. Instead of syrup, they wanted theirs sprinkled with a bit of cheddar cheese. I would sprinkle the cheese on and it would melt while the egg "rested," as you mentioned.
Thanks for sharing and bringing back a sweet memory for me! (My kids are now teens and fix their own breakfasts!)

Many blessings!

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

I've never thought of making scrambled eggs in the microwave, but that is such a great idea! My girls are both really good sleepers, but when they wake up they are sooooo HUNGRY!! I'll be trying this for sure!

Lenetta @ Nettacow said...

Oh, that reminds me - these are *perfect* to use with cheese and ham, bacon, or sausage on biscuits or bagels! I'd better update the post!

Karen E. said...

Y'know, I haven't tried scrambled eggs in the microwave for forever ... thanks for the reminder!

2Shaye ♪♫ said...

Great reminder! My wee ones LOVE eggs. We've started buying local cage-free eggs and our children could eat them for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner. We may opt for this practice on those quicky days!

Anonymous said...

I love doing scrambled eggs in the microwave! I spray a teacup, crack the egg into the cup, add about a tablespoon of milk, cook on high for one minute, and it is usually done at that--if not I mash it up to stir, and give it another :30. The teacup makes it puff up--so cute! But it definitely needs time to deflate a little and cool. Perfect on a buttermilk biscuit with a slice of cheese.