Saturday, August 8, 2009

Link Roundup, HI JESUS! Edition

So we went to a funeral this morning. About an hour before, we were on our walk around town, and whenever we walk by our church, Goose tells Jesus hi. As we walked past this morning, there were several family members standing outside and in her usual fashion, Goose hollered "hi, Jesus!" Here's hoping we gave them a bit of a smile on a sad day . . .

Here's the links of interest for the week:

I'm a sucker for the combination of cinnamon and sugar, and Goose loves all things muffin, so cinnamon sugar muffins are right up our alley. (at Being Frugal is Fabulous)

Not sure why I haven't made this blueberry humble cake from Two Straight Lines yet. There's cinnamon ice cream involved, guys. Mmmmm.

(By the way, I finally made the pumpkin crunch cake from this reading the whole internet post and it was everything I hoped it would be. I did half with nuts, half without, and we ate it with vanilla ice cream.)

I need to just make yogurt already . . . Katie at Kitchen Stewardship has her method of homemade yogurt up. I tried making yogurt once a long time ago, but it didn't seem right. I think it's time to try again! (And believe me, Katie is THOROUGH! A girl after my own heart!)

Other than I'm lazy and it's hard, hot work, the main reason I haven't tried canning is fear of making my family sick (or worse). Tipnut has a page on signs of spoilage in home canning to help guide me.

This is one of those things you hope you never have to know, but Stacey at Almost There did a post on how to get Desitin out - of clothes, carpet, furniture, etc.

Let's Explore has a nice list of gift ideas for kids that involves more thought and caring than cash. (The best kind of gift!)

Not sure if I remember, or just think I remember these from my younger years: Mr. Yuk stickers. It's a symbol for kiddos to learn means "don't touch!!!" and it has the national poison control number on it. I think we'll request some. Goose is doing well with learning what things are a big NO, the oven is hot, she tells me whenever I open it, for one. Another is when I'm washing knives, she tells me they're sharp! That was one I really wanted to impress upon her since she has taken to pushing a chair up to the sink so she can help when I wash dishes.

Here's an old article from The Simple Dollar on ways to entertain kiddos for a buck or less.

Goose's hair doo-dads aren't out of control yet, but I can see this framed barrette and hair bow holder at the Idea Room coming in handy before long.

Can't believe it was just last week that I posted about DIY moon sand, but Michelle at Scribbit has a different recipe for moon sand (kind of, anyway) that takes less inputs, too.

While I *really* try not to watch too much TV, there are some shows that reel me in. LOST is one of them. Trent at The Simple Dollar posted recently about the upcoming season, which is the final season, in a reader mailbag post. He had this to say:
I think the last season is going to start off with Oceanic 815 landing in Los Angeles in 2004 without crashing on the island. That means that no one who died on the island is actually dead. Afterwards, though, they’ll all start having dreams about the island and will eventually find their way there in some way or another. The final one to return will be Jack and the final scene of the final episode will be identical to the first scene of the first episode. Or maybe I’m just crazy. Lost might be my favorite show of all time.

Hmm. I don't quite see that, but it's well within possibility. Guess we'll see in January!

"Those Aren't Fighting Words, Dear" is an article in the New York Times about a woman whose husband came home and told her that he didn't love her anymore, and she didn't buy it. She managed to hold their family together, and I was inspired to see someone stand up so strongly for the lifelong commitment of her marriage. (I had a little trouble getting to the second page, you might have to find the place to click to skip the ad, or you might have to click back and then click on the 2nd page again. Totally worth it, though.)

Karen Edmiston posts this quote:
"I saw about a peck of counterfeit dollars once. Did I go to the window and throw away all my good dollars? No! Yet you reject Christianity because there are hypocrites, or counterfeit Christians."

~~ William E. Biederwolf
and then a brief story on one step of her journey from atheism to Catholicism. By the time I finish typing all this out, I'd just as well have typed it all but it's her story so go look. And, while you're there, click on links in her sidebar to some of the stuff she's written. She's goooood.

And last but nowhere near least, Stacey from Almost There wonders "did the Reformers have any right?"

Happy surfing!


Sarah said...

I made yogurt for the first time on Friday and it was SO EASY!! I made the crockpot recipe version (on Nourished Kitchen, I think). It uses half of a gallon of milk and, after I strained it (because we like ours a bit thicker) I ended up with over a quart of yogurt (about a quart and a cup) plus almost two pints of fresh whey. And it took maybe two minutes of actual time on my part. You should try it!


2Shaye ♪♫ said...

Goodness, girl. You just never disappoint. I'm going to have to budget some time each week to peruse your links. LOL These are so fun! I'm about to do my first. I've had it in draft for a few weeks and figure I should go ahead and publish before all the links go back, eh?

Stacey said...

My daughter tells Jesus hi when we pass/go into church too! That's so precious.

And thanks for the link love :)

Unknown said...

I'm here to second the crockpot method. I make it each week for my Peanut. He loves it with a little real vanilla and sugar.

RufflesAndFringe said...

Thanks so much for linking to me!

Karen Edmisten said...

Thanks for the link and the kind words, Lenetta. And thanks for all of these great links! Pumpkin Crunch Cake sounds delicious! :)