Thursday, August 20, 2009

Vacation Pics

So Goose is snoozing her way toward hour 3 of her first nap back in her crib, and I'm just now getting to this post. I've spent more time than I probably should have trying to knock down the numbers in my Reader (and I tried to spend some time each day keeping it below double digits!) so we'll see if I can get this done and published. Not that anybody was worried, but I have a number of posts bookmarked for this week's reading the whole internet post! Anyway, as we say in our house - ready, set, go!

This is Goose and me enjoying some ice cream at one of the stops in Yellowstone. At the last minute, I tossed in her favorite winter hat and I was glad that I did - not only did it help keep her warm, but she was so glad to see it. You can see her faithful favorite animals made the trip, too.

Here we are on the huge teddy bear sofa at the wolf and bear center. This and the playground there were the most exciting things . . .

Goose is talking to my mom here as we waited for Old Faithful. She saw the steam and told my mom "hot!" You can also see the necklace she made out of a shoelace and small empty thread spools. She wore it a lot. :>)

Hubs and Goose are checking out the Wind River behind our motel in Dubois, Wyoming. It was really pretty! We had a great room there, too - half the price of the one in Big Sky and every bit as accommodating.

Here are wagon ruts along the Oregon Trail near Gurnsey, Wyoming. Looking at them, I felt so . . . SOFT compared to those pioneer women. Could you imagine riding in a wagon all that way? With all your worldly possessions, many of which were abandoned along the way to lighten the load for the animals? Mercy. We also visited Independence Rock and Register Cliff, two places where pioneers carved their names (similar to Chimney Rock here in Nebraska). It was interesting to see how the scratchings had eroded - I'm sure the inscribers thought it would be there forever.

We were all pretty glad to sleep in our own beds last night. In fact, by early evening, Goose was saying "bedtime!" and asking to be put in her crib so she could play in the familiar surroundings. She went to sleep pretty quickly once it was actually bedtime, and slept nice and late, too. (So did her mama!) I need to upload a few more pictures to my post on keeping toddlers occupied in the car and provide a bit of feedback on how things went. Overall, Goose was an amazing traveler and did quite well . . . though there were a few times when I wished we'd have brought my parents' TV/VCR with a few of their beloved Care Bear tapes!

Thankfully I got this banged out before Goose woke up, so I'd better do a bit more unpacking. It's amazing what a wreck the house can turn into! See you tomorrow with a Frugal Friday post -


Lori said...

LOVED the pictures...that is one whopper of a teddy bear sofa! LOL! :) Don't ya just love vacations???!!! As much as we love them, somehow in the end, it's just always so good to be back HOME! :)

Kim said...

Nice to finally "see" you, Lenetta! Your Goose looks just like her mama! Glad you're back safe and sound. I'd love to visit those areas one day.

2Shaye ♪♫ said...

What a great picture summary! Looks like fun and, funny as it may sound, I love the picture of Goose on the phone. It's so sweet hearing our punkins talking on the phone. I think you missed my oldest's phone conversation on Sunday. Talk about growing up! WOW!

Angela said...

Great pictures! Looks like a great time!