Friday, August 21, 2009

Giveaway Winners!

Zoiks, how could I go through my entire day - proofreading at my day job, lunch at my MIL's, mowing the lawn, making meatloaf for supper on the grill - and not announce the giveaway winners?!? Let's get down to it! Winners are:

Sarah! She chose a pair of baby leg warmers, and she'll get the Patchwork book, too.

Vanessa! She will get the taggie blanket.

Amy! She'll get the bathtub fishing game.

Shaye! She's getting the crochet book AND a pair of leg warmers.

FrugalFarmFamily! She didn't pick anything :>) so she's going to get the holiday and Christmas books and the Heloise book. (It'll save me on postage!)

Hélène! (who also food blogs here - yum!) She'll get the giraffe baby leg warmers.

Rachel! She gets the tins.

Valerie! She gets the fairy wings.

Zimms Zoo! She chose sock monkey baby leg warmers.

Connie! She chose a pair of Christmas baby leg warmers.

Heather! She'll get the Breastfeeding book and a pair of baby leg warmers.

Angela! She gets a pair of pig baby leg warmers.

You may notice a theme . . . I'm looking at the enormous pile of baby leg warmers I have and I'd rather they be on some chubby little legs than waiting in boxes. So, I went with a nice even dozen winners. I e-mailed or contacted through your blog each of you (I think!) so please get back to me with your shipping address and I'll get your loot sent out.

Thanks to all for participating, and as I said, I have several fun things set aside for giveaways, so I'll have to do a few more . . . just let me save my nickles for postage!

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2Shaye ♪♫ said...

This totally ROCKS! I'm so pumped. if you noticed, I just bought some new handspun yarn from Maya's Etsy shop a couple weeks ago and have been undecided on what to make with it. And I also came across a bunch of old yarn that's been stored away and needs to be loved and formed into something sweet. I can't wait to see the book! And YIPPEE YAY on the legwarmers. My 1-year-old won the chestnut lion Robeez soft-soled shoes a few months ago and we just love them. I think the your chocolate leopard legwarmers will go marvelously with them!! And since I'm not one to go out and buy new shoes very often, I'm hoping he'll keep wearing the same pair of shoes for the next couple years. LOL!

Thank you for such an amazing giveaway and for such a generous heart. You've encouraged me to do a giveaway some day very soon. It looks like so much fun!