Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Cleaning - Get the Sugar Out

Where on earth does time go?!? The week has flown by, and it's time to read more about why to avoid refined sugar at Kitchen Stewardship and some great tips for reducing your sugar intake at Naturally Knocked Up. Next week learn about parabens and how to find safer personal products with Mindful Momma, and find the entire schedule here. Make sure to click through to Kitchen Stewardship and Naturally Knocked Up for a chance to win an enormous jar of natural and super-yummy sounding dried fruit and a copy of Katie's e-book Healthy Snacks to Go.

I re-submitted my post on my Yeast Elimination Diet since it cut out sugar as well as white flour. I didn't notice a difference in how I felt back then, probably because I was pretty busy caring for a baby and struggling with baby blues and insomnia. I'm thinking it's time to give it another try, though!

Regular readers may have noticed (or not :>)) that I didn't get a Reading the Whole Internet post up this weekend... life got in the way and I'm a believer in Blogging Without Obligation. I also didn't write a Daybook post last week, and I'm hoping to get one done this week.

In good news, the sun is shining and the birds are chirping! In not-so-good-news, my washing machine drained on my (carpeted!) laundry room floor yesterday. This was especially interesting and exciting as about five years ago, an enormous jug of laundry detergent cracked unbeknownst to me and leaked quite a bit on the floor before I realized it. At the time, we decided to just leave it alone as we couldn't figure out a way to clean it up and we just figured we'd replace the carpet sometime.

I got out the shop vac and set it up for wet cleanup but the soap made waaaay too many bubbles and they started shooting out of the top of the shop vac (something with the foam filter, I think - and yes, the instruction manual said to leave the foam filter in for wet cleanup, I checked!). So, we're running the dehumidifier. I'm thinking the time to replace the carpet is NOW, but since Hubs is starting field work and planting, that means long days in the tractor and no time to help, and I'm not sure this is something I want to tackle on my own!

Here's hoping your week is a little less exciting than mine. :>)

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Kim said...

EEKS! Sorry to hear about your mess! You could try adding vinegar to the water and sucking it up. The vinegar should cut the suds. Oye! Can you just take the carpet up for now and replace it later? Cutting it in pieces would make it not so ominous, perhaps.

Cutting out the sugar. Very challenging! But it's possible to enjoy sweet things without white sugar. Or with very little. Those energy bars I posted are yummy! I need to blog about that. Sweet, but only made of dried fruit, nuts and cinnamon. I imagine the fruit is sweetened a bit, but dates are naturally sweet and nutritious, so there ARE ways to satisfy a sweet tooth and get good health into the bargain. But I must admit that I really struggle with skipping the white sugar stuff completely. There's just nothing like it. My body has declared it so. lol I just need to ignore that message. ;)