Thursday, April 1, 2010

40 Bags Update - Bags 45 - 46

These last few bags were all pretty small, so I counted them as half a bag each. To the left is some stuff that went in the trash. You might think that's a silly thing to count as a bag, but I have hung onto that big piece in the back for about five years, thinking surely I'd find a use for it. Time to get it out!

The other bag is some hats, gloves, scarves, etc. that I'd tucked away just in case, but I really need to let them go - especially since I don't wear that kind of stuff much anymore.

In this second set of pictures, to the left are some old, cheap plant pots (the flimsy kind) that I haven't used and I have plenty of sturdier pots, so I don't need them!

On the right is the picture of my countertop after I cleaned out my pens, organized notepads, etc. (Too bad it doesn't still look like that...) I had received a big handful of pens from a company where I worked and since I made some good memories there, I've been reluctant to get rid of the pens. The thing is, they're lousy pens! They don't write worth a darn. So out they went.

That brings me to 47 bags, and I haven't yet counted the large box of miscellaneous that has been piling up in the spare bedroom. Not too bad, but I know I need to keep going. Still, it feels good to have gotten rid of the stuff that I did.

For those of you that joined me, how did you do? You can see lots more clutter updates at Amy's Finer Things.

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Sherry said...

Wow! Great job! Look at ALL those pens/pencils! LOL!