Tuesday, April 6, 2010

No More Plastic Food Storage Containers?

As part of the "spring cleaning" series, Beth at Fake Plastic Fish has explained why we shouldn't use plastic to store food in posts at Kitchen Stewardship and at her blog. Check out the links for some interesting reading!

In the Nettacow household, we have not taken the "no plastic" plunge. When I was still working before Goose was born, one of my favorite lunches to take was macaroni and cheese (standard enriched pasta with Mexican Velveeta - yikes!) in an old margarine tub - because I didn't want to mess up my "nice" plastic containers by using them all the time.

The good news is that the margarine tubs have been put up (except for special/yucky uses that don't involve food!) - and there aren't any new ones coming in the house since I now use real butter. But I'll admit I'm not quite ready to give up my plastic just yet. I've started saving jars to re-use, and I'm certainly more mindful of plastic now, at least!

Along the lines of frugality, I have tried to look at plastic with new eyes. For example, I used to just throw away the plastic bag that lined the boxes of kitty litter that I buy. I discovered that the bag will fit perfectly in my kitchen trash can, so it gets a second use, at least. Freezer storage bags are a staple part of my methods of freezer cooking, though I'm learning a lot about freezing in glass. (If only I weren't so darn clumsy when it comes to breakable items...)

We all have to make decisions for our households based on our own circumstances, and if you decide you aren't ready to give up plastic either, that's fine! I would encourage you to go check out Beth's posts (again at Kitchen Stewardship and her own blog, Fake Plastic Fish) and listen to her point of view. I promise, you'll learn at least something new.

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Anonymous said...

I do want to give up the plastic as well as many other things too. I am a bit clumspy in the kitchen (yikes!) and I use the plastic freezer bags to store food flat.