Saturday, April 17, 2010

Link Roundup - What Happened? Edition

This is one of those times where I feel like all I'm doing is hanging on for the ride. Hopefully things will settle down soon - life is to wonderful to be wishing any part of it by!

So let's slow down for a minute and check out some links:

What an awesome (and CHEAP!) idea - Kid-Made Mother's Day Pendants from Frugal Family Fun Blog.

While we've seen recipes for Homemade Slime before (this one from New Nostalgia), this post has suggestions to "package" it in Easter eggs instead of candy (silly putty anyone? :>)) and I'm not sure I've seen Kool-Aid to dye slime before. But why not?!? It works on everything else!

Super idea! Not only are these Bib Cookies crazy cute, but the post explains how to make your own cookie cutter in any shape you want, with something that you usually just throw away! (@ let's go fly a kite)

I think I'm in love with this Iris Folding as seen at Marvelously Messy.

Sometimes the simplest solutions are best (and CUTEST!), like these Felt Envelopes for Tiny Creatures at Sewing in the Suburbs.

The Sister Letters posted her tweaks on a Toddler Sleeping Bag. Goose is juuuuust about too long for a Pack & Play, so this might be a good alternative.

My latest theory on getting Goose out of her crib is to make a Care Bear sheet for her toddler bed. I have the fabric, and thanks to the magic of the internet, I found crib/toddler bed sized sheet tutorials at Everything Your Mama Made & More and Make Baby Stuff. (Hint: the supply list at Make Baby Stuff is in the upper right corner. Took me a while to find it!)

Laura at Heavenly Homemakers posted her recipe for Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffins that are sorta healthy. :>)

I'll admit complete fascination with these Crispy Crunchy Roasted Chickpeas from Family Fresh Cooking. I'd love to find Hubs a replacement for his beloved chips.

Hubs loves hard boiled eggs, and I do not, nor do I love making hardboiled eggs. But I think even I could handle *baking* them, as found at Tipnut.

Also at Heavenly Homemakers, Laura is helping us figure out which are The Most Nutritious Sweeteners.

Here are 10 Questions To Help You Declutter at Organizing Your Way.

And also 12 Surprising Ways to Reuse Aluminum Foil from Wise Bread, my favorite of which is a ball in the dryer to decrease static. I probably won't try it until this winter, but I'm hoping it works!

Money Saving Mom asked her readers how to Extend the Life of Fresh Produce and got lots of answers in the comments.

A request was put out on Faith & Family Live for book suggestions for a 15-year-old girl, and so far there are 84 comments, so hopefully the young lady in question will now have something new to read!

You know this is one of my favorite topics (though I try to stay away from using the word too much here! :>)) - go link up your own posts on nursin' babies at the Breastfeeding Blog Carnival at Modern Alternative Mama.

Tee hee - My Frugal Lifestyle shows us Proof That the Easter Bunny Really Does Exist.

Want to raise your kids to be good eaters? Check out this post to help you Determine Your Objectives at Parenting the Tiniest of Miracles.

I had no idea there even was such a thing, but it looks hilarious - Speed Scrabble, at Five Js. (Personally, nothing does it for me like a rockin' game of Spoons! That's right, city cousin, I'm looking at YOU! :>) And I didn't know it was also called Pig until I searched for the rules to link up.)

This was an informative article on Attracting Bees to Your Vegetable Garden at Veggie Gardener.

Here are some Gardening Tips from Yesteryear from The Dollar Stretcher.

Faith & Family Live has an article on a title of Mary that I've never heard before: Mary, Undoer of Knots. I know I have a few that could use some help...

Also at Faith & Family Live, One Love, Two Faiths, on "mixed" marriages.

This was an interesting article regarding education trends: Want to Get Into Harvard? Spend More Time Staring at the Clouds from Study Hacks.

Fr. Z at What Does The Prayer Really Say? wrote about his visit to Wyoming Catholic College, near Lander.

OK, I have several more to link up, but I think that's a long enough list for now and besides, my carefully designed favorites folder organization system has crashed and burned (temporarily!) due to user error. Ahem. But hopefully I'll get it sorted out and the rest up soon. Happy clicking!


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Thanks for featuring me. I love the products you have in your Etsy shop. I'll have to do some exploring around your blog and shop!! :-)

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Thanks so much for the shout out and introducing me to your wonderful blog. KJ