Friday, March 12, 2010

Link Roundup - *Care*Bear*Count*Down* Edition

Today is the first day the bribe worked, so after Goose's nap, we watched Care Bears and I have the song mentioned in the title of this post firmly in my head. Good times.

Maybe links will help get it out?

This kicks the soup out of the bike basket I made for Goose, which was a thrifted basket covered haphazardly in fabric. Check out the bike basket tutorial at A Lemon Squeezy Home.

You know we love our Nappies at this house, so I couldn't help but link to these homemade cat toys at Cathie Filian.

I'm not sure if a printable falls under "make" or not, but I love these paper food baskets at Zakka Life. How fun!

I hope to do a LOT more baking since I've conquered grinding wheat, so this Q&A on Yeast at Tipnut caught my eye.

Here is a post on Five Minutes a Day For Fresh Baked Bread at Mother Earth News - I think what I tried several months ago was a knock off version, so I'm kind of interested in giving it another go. (Note that you have to do a lot of clicking through at the bottom to read the whole thing.)

Katie explains sprouting in her Monday Mission this week at Kitchen Stewardship: Sprout Something!

I'll admit I was fascinated by this Marshmallow Fondant Icing Recipe and Tutorial at Peggy's Baking Corner.

This sounds YUMMY - buttermilk syrup at Salty Pineapple.

And this is in an appropriate spot underneath the syrup - sourdough pancakes at Kitchen Stewardship (and whole wheat crackers, too, though I don't think I'd recommend pairing them with the syrup. There's also a muffin recipe, and pizza dough too!)

This is just barely a "make" - Clean Mama put together some great color squish bags and with the gelatin, they'd hold their colors better than some others I've seen.

Melissa Wiley, one of my favorite bloggers, did a series of guest posts on Faith & Family Live this week on making social media work for you - my two favorite posts were How to Protect Your Privacy on Facebook and How to Use Twitter Without Going Insane. (I'll admit I've barely checked my Twitter since Thanksgiving. One of these days I'll throw out a Works For Me Wednesday post on how I keep up just a little bit.)

Here's one way to live the liturgy in your home - Elizabeth Foss's mantel letters.

I can't say for sure, but I just might be over my fear of making buttonholes, thanks to this manual machine buttonhole tutorial at Until Wednesday Calls.

Lots of good ideas on this 20 Tips for Finding Your Routine with Kids at Simple Mom, and it's something I've struggled with since I stayed home with Goose almost 3 years ago.

Faith & Family Live has posts on Spending Lent with Mary and Surrender the Choosing.

Luckily I have a few years to ponder this, and I'm not sure there are enough Catholic girls in the area, but I'm fascinated by the Little Flowers Club that Jessica at Shower of Roses does. (You can see all her posts on their meetings here.)

This one made me sit up in my seat - Amy at Finer Things points out that Somebody Wants What You Have.

OK, so one of the few times I did peek at Twitter, I saw this post retweeted by Amy from Impress Your Kids on God's Word, a Sword, and a Tool.

I'll leave you with a quote shared by a friend, who is a mom of 12(!) -


Pass slowly, friend Time,
For I would hold them just a moment more
Before they swoop as eagles
Through my door.

Pass slowly, friend Time,
For I must do my best to teach them much,
Before they go, they must know what to pass,
And too, what to touch.

Pass slowly, friend Time.
In this, the golden season of their prime,
Every hour I must savor fully
Their love, and they mine.

--Jacqueline Wolfe Bettini

Happy clicking!


Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

Great links, as always! So glad to hear Goose is napping for you!

CLEAN MAMA said...

Thanks for the link-up!