Thursday, March 4, 2010

40 Bags Update - Bags 15 - 22

So I'll try not to double post bags this time! I did that last post and then had a heck of a time getting the text right. ANYway, let's look at more stuff to go out the door.

Bag 15 - I found some of this stoneware on sale when I was just out of college and fell in love with the pattern. I bought several of the serving piece sets, and ended up not using them... turns out I don't entertain all that much. I kept a few pieces that I will actually use, but the rest went on eBay. So far, I have a watcher but no bids. The extra bowl is a pasta bowl we received as a wedding gift and have never used. My mom saw it and said she wanted it, so it's off to her house! If the dishes don't sell on eBay, I will donate them somewhere.

Bag 16 - Nothing terribly exciting here. I cleaned out my bathroom and threw away stuff that I should have tossed a long time ago. There were a few plastic items that I was able to recycle. I also removed several items that belonged elsewhere and returned them to their homes, using Nony at A Slob Comes Clean's Two Decluttering Questions to figure out where those homes should be.

Bag 17 - I've actually done pretty well at keeping my closet decluttered. As I've gotten rid of clothes, I've ended up with a surplus of hangers, and I finally realized they were taking up way too much space in the front of my closet! (Well, I move them to the front so I can easily find them to hang up clean clothes... Hubs just leaves them where they are. :>)) These went to a new home via Freecycle.

Bags 18, 19, 20 & 21 - These came from a cabinet above our bathtub. We are blessed to have two bathrooms - Hubs pretty much uses the one with the tub (and shares with the cats' food and litterbox) and I pretty much use the one with the shower. So I shove stuff in that cabinet and don't think about it again! I pulled everything out - Goose's bath stuff is in there, too - and only put back what needed to be there. The things that came out include two bags of small rugs which will either go to the Humane Society or the thrift shop, one bag that contained a shower curtain and a small vacuum that was freecycled, and one bag that was thrown away. It held the old sprayer head that leaked and part of the tub drain that my mom removed so that it actually would drain. (No, I'm not big on those sorts of details. Why do you ask? :>))

Bag 22 - Newspapers that I recycled. This seems like a no-brainer, I know. I actually discontinued our subscription because I've hardly read the paper since Goose was born. It was kind of a hard decision because I *wanted* to read the paper - I've always loved reading the daily news, and I've even subscribed to multiple papers at a time - the local one, one in my home town, a regional one, etc. When I'd spend a few weeks or a month traveling in Mexico, I'd have my papers held and then read them ALL when I got home. That's how dedicated I used to be. I got to the point where I'd just keep the last two weeks worth of papers so I could refer back if I needed to check something out, but after the very last two weeks had sat for a month, I knew it was time for them to just go.

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Angela said...

Oh wow, I am EXACTLY like you with newspapers! We just got our bill to renew our subscription, and I'm thinking of letting it run out. I WANT to read them, but the big pile in our kitchen just keeps getting bigger, waiting for me to read them. I'm torn, though, because I love all the coupons, I always take those out right away, and clip those.