Sunday, March 7, 2010

40 Bags Update, Bags 23 - 33

Bag 23 - formerly blank video tapes with random stuff recorded on them. I offered them on facebook and freecycle, and sent a handful to a friend. I know our little thrift store has plenty of these sitting around, so I used masking tape to tape four together into a block and Goose has been having fun stacking them. I guess they'll eventually get pitched when she's done with them.

Bag 24 - a utility lamp received as a wedding gift. We never used it, so I sold it on eBay. I ended up regretting that move as I packed it more securely and ended up a few ounces over on weight, so I had to pay extra postage. I was also worried about it arriving safely, so I put insurance on it, and I no longer see the option to make insurance either mandatory or optional when listing an item on eBay. At least it's out of the house.

Bag 25 - tomato sauce. I made a batch that we didn't particularly care for the flavor, so I had one of Hubs's cousins give it a try. She liked it, so she got the batch. (This is just a fraction of the batch, trust me.)

Bag 26&27 - two TVs. We sold one for $10, and gave the other away. Now if I could just get find a home for our old entertainment center!

Bags 28-33 - several bags and a box of books. I gave these away via Freecycle and facebook. I had them listed for quite some time on Paperback Swap, but they weren't going anywhere, and I was getting tired of storing them. (And by "storing" I mean retrieving them from wherever Goose drug them, trying to figure out which pile they came from, etc.)

Anybody else want to share an update?


Stacey said...

Nice work! I hate it when I miscalculate the postage and eat the costs! Wouldn't one of those little postal weight thingummies be nice? But I'd have to sell a LOT more to make that cost effective.

Lenetta @ Nettacow said...

The dumb thing is that I HAVE a digital scale for my kitchen, which I use a ton. But I weighed it using those plastic air pillows, and ended up packing it in newspaper. A LOT Of newspaper. I made money on most everything else (or at least broke even) so I can't complain.