Saturday, March 13, 2010

40 Bags Update - Bags 34 - 44

Bags 34-42 - Yeah, I know I don't have all the "bags" shown in the picture. But as I mentioned in my post on using Buy It Now to sell on eBay, I had some pretty good luck selling stuff. I sold some DVDs, books, stuffed animals, Chinese iron chime balls (really!), the shaving set, and an extra electric fondue pot, along with some other assorted things.

Bag 43 - For about five years, I served on the regional health board. After Goose was born, it just didn't fit in my schedule anymore. For some reason, I didn't get rid of the stuff! So finally I checked with the director, destroyed the paperwork per her suggestion, and passed the bag itself on to my replacement. It seems so small, but it was a big relief!

Bag 44 - I cleaned out Goose's closet to pass stuff along to my cousins who are having babies. Some of it was unopened, some was partially used...what's family for, right? :>)

Finally, to update on bags 3&4 (towels), I had a former co-worker contact me and request I make some bibs for her son's daycare out of towels. So, I went through and pulled out the hand towels and am making some bibs and a bit of extra cash!


Kim said...

Congrats on reaching and surpassing your goal! I've not done any yet, but I plan to. I NEED to. Just not right now. I'm proud of ye!

Kim said...

Hey, I just thought of an idea for a header for your blog. How about doing a fabric felt farm or meadow scene using your cow, and photograph it and make it your header? I could help if you want! We gotta get you a better header!