Friday, June 25, 2010

Daybook for June 25, 2010

Outside my window... It's HOT and sticky already, though there's a fair wind to help. I'm thinking Goose and I might head to a nearby swimming hole this afternoon.

I am thinking... more about last time's thought about getting into better shape. I actually threw my back out helping Goose of the potty on Tuesday, but thankfully it is not nearly as bad as it could have been.

I am thankful for... air conditioning. And thinking I'm quite a weenie without it. (Hubs would heartily agree.)

From the learning rooms... so much playing and pretending. I enjoy listening to it so much that I keep putting off anything formal. But as always, I'm collecting ideas.

From the kitchen... I cooked up hamburger and froze to use later (though some of it went to sloppy joes, and I also cooked up some chicken breasts in the crock pot, as well as putting some in to marinate and freeze using Amy's recipe. Hmm, there has been a few other miscellaneous things, but I think that covers it.

I am wearing... a "midwives rock" t-shirt and denim capri pants. The shirt is in honor of a Certified Nurse-Midwife friend who is working this summer at a birth center in Texas and witnessed a beautiful, beautiful birth early this morning.

I am creating... some tool pouches for Hubs out of old jeans and I'm plotting out some pillowcase dresses. See the pillowcases below!

I am pondering... how some people's crosses can be so different from ours, and how important our perspective is towards our own cross.

I am reading... Beyond Gay, which I borrowed from our Catholic doctor's office library. I have a couple of extended family members who are gay, and it has been interesting reading.

I am hoping... that I don't overdo things and can give my back a chance to heal. The lawn really needs to be mowed, and Hubs is spending long hours in the fields. Not sure what will happen there.

I am hearing... Goose playing with Nappy. I don't know why, but Goose has kind of all of a sudden been getting rougher with the cats. There have been some "natural consequences" and some hurt feelings, I think.

Around the house... vacuuming, changing sheets, a small amount of dusting, washing dishes - the usual.

One of my favorite things... shopping garage sales! (see below)

A few plans for the rest of the week... proofreading work today, the parish in the nearby town's "junktique" (rummage sale - yes, I'm addicted), Bible study, and interestingly, we're getting my car fixed next week where Hubs hit a raccoon a couple months ago. Usually my weeks are pretty open, but next week holds three days of work since there is a holiday coming up, one dentist appointment, one chiropractor appointment, and one meeting for our parish's 125th anniversary celebration, none of which are particularly within walking distance and up to 30 miles away. Could be interesting.

A picture thought(s) I am sharing... My garage sale finds!

I'm sure it was Heather who suggested plotting out your garage sale route to make the best use of your time, but I can't find that post right now. Anyway, here is my marked-up page of the sales I wanted to hit and the items I was looking for at each sale highlighted. I also made lists on paper of which sales were Friday and which were Saturday so we could get any Friday ones out of the way. I left the whole pile on my washing machine on Saturday. (You can click the pic to make it bigger and see how much pink highlighting there is!)

Friday's finds - some small enamel pots that will either be used for decoration or something functional besides cooking OR in Goose's kitchen, a mortar and pestle, a baby Twins hat for an expecting friend that is also a fan, two yellow gingham vintage pillowcases that will become dresses for Goose and the big sister of the aforementioned baby, some bracelets for the dress-up trunk, and a doll house. There were a few other miscellaneous things, but these were the exciting ones.

Saturday's haul was a little bigger since we hit more sales - I got a bed rail (at top), VHS movies including Mary Poppins, Lion King, Lady and the Tramp, Cinderella, Dumbo, and Pinocchio, several very CUTE outfits, a pink winter hat with Snow White on it, a large gift bag (that Goose discovered she can nearly fit into) with Snow White on it, a little light up Glo-Worm game, a pair of church shoes, a pair of snow boots, and a pair of "farm boots", a little barn with keys that open the doors to reveal an animal inside each, a shamrock pinwheel, a package of furniture for the dollhouse, and a monitor, since the one we have doesn't work anymore when I'm outside.

Ahh, yes, and one Care Bear pillow for a dime that is already proved to be worth that many times over.

(PS - I have a terrible time getting the pics adjusted so they look OK in a reader, in e-mail AND on the page. So please excuse any wonky formatting in whatever method you use to view me.)


Angela said...

Fun! I love seeing all your finds. That doll house is great! And I'm loving the Twins hat and the ADORABLE material.

You sound just like me, I also map out my route, and highlight the items I'm interested in. I'll do a post on my findings from the last two days one of these days . . .

Oh, and one rummage sale had a complete Care Bears bedding set with comforter listed. I was going to check it out, and get it for Goose if it was reasonable and in good shape, but it was gone by the time I got there. :(

Angela said...

And I hope your back is feeling much better soon!

Lenetta @ Nettacow said...

Angela, that is SO SWEET that you thought of us! :>) I'm sure somebody else is enjoying it very much.

My back is doing better, though I didn't really want to weed today. I didn't get everything done, but I also tried not to push too hard. I'm looking forward to going to the chiro on Tuesday!