Thursday, December 24, 2009

Almost Ready

We are having another round of lousy weather - just in time for people trying to travel to be with their loved ones. Prayers for all who are en route! We'll be celebrating Christmas Day with Hubs's extended family and then heading out on Saturday to see my brother's family. (Hopefully we'll have good weather! I think it's going to be too windy for Hubs to to fly us, but we'll see.)

In case anyone is wondering how to protect a Christmas tree from a two-year-old and two inquisitive cats, wonder no more...

This is the beauty of having a fake tree. I only put the branches on to halfway down. The toddler actually hasn't bothered the tree very much - and the ornaments on the lower branches are pictures of her cousins, so they are touchable. It's the white thumbed creature that keeps things exciting around here. I've caught her standing up on her back legs and swiping at anything that she thinks is within reach . . . and I've seen more than one dive at the piece of fabric I use as a tree skirt. That's when it actually happens to be under the tree, though. Usually Goose is using it as a wrap or a blanket to tuck in her Nappies.

I have really been enjoying Goose's love of Christmas things, and I'd like to think she actually is excited that it's Jesus's birthday. After her nap (since it's getting dark about the time she wakes up - or after she gets up if she doesn't fall asleep), we plug in the tree and flip on the outside lights, then we light the Advent wreath. I've been singing "O Come O Come Emmanuel" to open our prayers, and when she heard the song elsewhere this week, she told me it was time to light the candle. :>) She's especially looking forward to lighting the white candle, which I told her we can do on Christmas.

I'm *almost* done with my Handmade Christmas items, though there are a few that just aren't going to be done in time. And I'm OK with that. (Especially since we aren't celebrating with Hubs's immediate family for another week - that buys me some time!) I have a few more things to update at that post, and a few more posts to put together and link up. I think blogging about stuff takes almost as long as making it! Hee. But I'm really pleased with all I've done, and I hope the recipients are, too.


2Shaye ♪♫ said...

Great idea on the tree. I've been seeing different remedies this I've heard of TWO families who put their Christmas tree INSIDE a playpen to protect it from cats and children. FUNNY! And our tree is only decorated from about 4' and up. Heehee!

Oh PLEASE travel safely. This has been a shocking storm and I imagine it's only going to get worse with the wind. They're assuming we'll have white outs. Just crazy!

I'll be checking back on your updates. And I agree, blogging about making something seems to take just as long!!!



Kim said...

Great idea about the tree, Lenetta! This is one time I'm glad the kids are older.

Have a Merry Christmas and stay safe!

Stacey said...

Love the tree :) we use a superyard around ours, but it's jumpable by these guys! Have a wonderful Christmas!