Friday, December 11, 2009

7 Quick Takes - Snowed In Edition

I've been so busy working on my handmade Christmas stuff and posting for Frugal Fridays that I haven't done a Quick Takes post in forever! Let's see what I can pull together before Goose gets up.

We got about a foot of snow this week. The first wave was Sunday night, the second was Monday night to Wednesday early early morning. Temperatures have been around zero.

The two-year-old and I did not poke out so much as a toe from Monday at noon to Thursday at 3:30 PM. That was getting a bit rough!

Aforementioned 2YO has taken to chucking most to all of the stuff out of her crib at naptime or bedtime, then hollers for mama to come pick it up.

#3 is a problem because her wall-mounted space heater isn't working well enough to keep up with the COLD temps, so we've had to move in another space heater that sits on the floor. Since Goose is a lousy sleeper, I don't peek in on her much for fear of waking her up. You'd better believe I've been peeking in, though, to make sure there isn't a pillow or blanket or stray Nappy resting on the space heater, waiting to burst into flames . . .

Goose started potty training back at the end of September, and after about a month or so, she seemed to have the hang of it and wasn't having too many accidents; and if she did, she was able to stop she'd holler "put the tinkles in the potty!" and we'd take care of it. After about a month of that, I decided it was time to stop telling her when to go potty (unless it was obvious - when she got up, before nap, etc.). After a few days of doing reasonably well, she started having accidents again. And, she started wetting her diaper in the morning and after naps instead of waiting for me to get her up. I'm kind of bummed, but since we've gone back to my telling her every 2 hours or so, it's been better. Except the diaper thing, which is a bummer because I'd been re-using her disposables since they weren't wet... I'd love to go back to using cloth for $$$ reasons, but I fear that since they're bulkier, they'll encourage her to wet.

(Note to self: now that Goose is mostly out of diapers, I *really* need to get a post written on our beloved cloth diapering methods.)

I've linked to Faith & Family Live a number of times - did you know that they have a magazine? It's an excellent read for Catholic families. I've been a subscriber for over a year now, and I really enjoy it. I've also read the website since its inception - it is both a blog for a handful of very insightful moms (with an occasional dad and/or priest thrown in for a guest post) and there are occasional articles as well, some crossing over from its sister publication, the National Catholic Register (also an excellent publication). Good stuff! If there's a mom on your Christmas list that you're not sure what to get her, this is a sure bet. You can subscribe here or get a gift subscription here. You won't be sorry!


My Boaz's Ruth said...

Have you tried getting a heater that can sit elevated on a surface so you don't have to worry about fire hazards?

my 2-year old isn't even interested in potty training :( He used to at last try. Got one pee and two poops on the potty, then his language took off and he stopped being interested in the toilet!

Netta said...

The coldest room in our house is our little boys' room & we tried the heater thing, too. But then last winter & now this year so far we use a warm humidifier (the regular kind you'd use for a sick child). We kept it up on the dresser so they couldn't touch it. Now they're old enough to stay away. It keeps their room nice & toasty and I don't worry about them.

Merry Christmas!

Angela said...

I love the Faith and Family magazine! I don't read their website anymore, but I'm sure glad I did at one time, or I never would have met you!!

I've been thinking about you, and wondering if you guys got hit by the snowstorm. We got it, too, but not as bad as you. I feel your pain, in the whole not getting out of the house thing. I've been out a couple time this week, but Isabella hasn't (other than church on Tuesday). She was getting rather crabby, so we all went out to eat and look at Christmas lights tonight. The last couple of mornings she has been asking me, "Where are we going today, I really want to go somewhere?" I figured we had better do something to get her out of the house. I'm sure the little ones are just like us, and need a change of pace every now and then!