Saturday, November 28, 2009

Link Roundup - Advent Edition

Today is Day 2 of Goose-less-ness. I didn't particularly sleep in any, but I was still wearing my PJs at lunchtime, so that must count for something. I've managed to (almost) clear out my Google reader, and have caught up on commenting on posts I've linked to in my posts. (That is quite a task in of itself!) Except I'm going to have to do it again on these links. Ah, well - just another of life's tasks that are never really completed. Like laundry.

Anyway. Links! As always, you can right click and choose to open links in a new tab or window, or you can hold down the ctl key as you click and open them in a new tab.

Trent at The Simple Dollar wrote a great post on Making Buyers regarding our kiddos and TV.

Some good kitchen hints at Tipnut.

No Time for Flash Cards put together a Readers Favorites list of toys and gifts.

Lovely woven potholders at Blessed Femina.

The Crafter's File Box has a great "eat THAT, Pottery Barn Kids" in this DIY crafty lazy susan. It has me thinking "to heck with the little one, I want one for ME!"

I had quick and lovely thoughts of putting these St. Andrew Chaplets together for a couple of you who are very dear to me, but I am running out of time before Advent begins. Please know that you'll continue to be held in my prayers, though!

I stumbled across this old post from Jessica at Shower of Roses on making a Trip Journal for kids. You may notice that these were made for a ROAD TRIP TO NEBRASKA! Unfortunately, her husband seems to be out of brothers to be ordained as priests (three have been ordained - what a blessing to their family!), so I'm not sure we'll get her back out this way. Regardless, it's very cool idea. Somewhere in there, I also came across this link at Pinewood Castle for going on the road with little people. Good stuff there, too.

Messy Fun without the Mess at The Adventure of Motherhood.

Jennifer at Conversion Diary posted a request here for Advent Calendar suggestions and other ways to celebrate the anticipation of Christ's birth. Lucky you, I waded through the comments and picked them out. Any other suggestions to add to the list? I'm thinking perhaps one of these might be what I'll ask Grandma to get my Goose . . . [please note that due to internet issues, I've not thoroughly checked all these out.]

Waiting for Christmas: A Story about the Advent Calendar (Traditions of Faith from Around the World), From

Fling Wide the Doors: An Advent and Christmastime Calendar, art by Steve Erspamer, SM, from Catechesis of the Good Shephard (it's at the bottom of page 4, so scroll down)

Magnetic Advent Calendar from Catholic Child

Links at Uncommon Grace on their Advent activities

The Advent Book

The Advent Event

A Jesse Tree Banner Kit

Fontanini Advent Calendar

Little People Nativity Advent Calendar from

God With Us: Rediscovering the Meaning of Christmas on, recommended reading for adults

Three from The Catholic Company - Stable Advent calendar, wood Advent calendar, and magnetic Advent calendar

Previously posted (I think): Jesse Tree info at National Catholic Register, and because I'd feel funny not mentioning it, again here is Karen Edmisten's No Panic Advent Series.

Suggestions from Faith & Family Live for Advent

And more Jesse Tree info at Catholic Culture - Ornament Ideas and Blessing, Instructions, Symbols, Jesse Tree, and Prayer Service.

Oh, also - Peculiar Momma is working on an Advent Calendar her way, and she linked to a very fun calendar at maya*made here.

[Edited to add (and I may be doing this more as I find more great stuff!) - Jessica at Shower of Roses has her Advent plans outlined here.]

Happy clicking, everybody!


MommyLydia said...

I'd be interested in a "favorite Christmas books" roundup :)

Lenetta said...

MBR - here's one at Faith & Family Live though it doesn't have nearly as many as I'd have guessed.

Mrs. Captain PAO said...

i would LOVE to be linked to - how do you want me to fix up my post? I was confused by what you meant by tying it all together:)

And, i had forgotten about that St. Andrew novena! I am starting it now (its late, do you think he'll mind? :-p) Also, do you really do it 15 times a day? Ooh!

God's timing, is of course, the best... I just wish I could understand His master plan now :-p Its just funny, in a sad, ironic sort of way, that someone such as myself, and it seems you, who desires a large family, isn't being very successful in producing one....

ah well, love thy cross! :)

Mrs. Captain PAO said...

please do let me know about the advent post tho.

i think you may have inspired me to do one on our advent book basket :)