Thursday, February 4, 2010

Today's Small Successes

It's Small Successes day over at Faith & Family Live - you can read other moms' successes here. My successes:

1) On Tuesday, Goose and I headed to my parents' house for a brief visit. I intended to stay a couple of days, and leave Goose there for a few more days. (At Grandma's, when Mama is gone, it's ALL CARE BEARS ALL THE TIME.) After hearing the weather report, I decided to cut my visit short and head back yesterday. It has snowed and slushed all day so far, so I think I made the right choice.
2) Since I am Goose-less, I have been working hard to get ahead on my 40 bags in 40 days challenge for Lent. I have worked so hard on our spare bedroom today that I haven't even bothered to eat lunch - and I am NOT a girl that misses many meals. :>)

3) I *finally* found a new purse! I have been looking since Goose potty-trained and I was able to give up the diaper bag. I needed something pretty big and I didn't want to spend much money.

The only thing it lacks is a shoulder strap, but I think I can take care of that myself - I bought some heavy duty needles and thread yesterday, and I'm already plotting in my head. Or maybe I'll leave it. I definitely like being able to pull the strap over my head and across my body when we get home and I have a bunch of stuff to carry in from the car.

(Though from the size of this baby, I can put half the stuff I need to carry in directly IN the purse...)

And a bonus #4 success . . . I didn't get out of bed until after 8:30 today. Hubs is gone, though his alarm went off at six AM, so it's not like I slept straight through the entire time, but it sure was nice nonetheless!

Anybody else having a successful day?

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Angela said...

To answer your question, no I did not have a successful day, I don't know when my last successfull day was. Although I DID clean the kitchen today, I was really hoping to get the whole house cleaned, but that didn't happen. One of these days I will feel like myself again, and be able to spend more time off the couch than on . . .

But way to go you!! And I like your purse, I'm a big fan of "big mom purses", I really am! :)

We're getting the same weather here, and Isabella is at her grandparents, too! It's supposed to be bad weather until Monday, so I don't know for sure when we'll be able to get her.

Enjoy your time of getting lots done while Goose is gone, and pass some of that energy my way, too. :)