Wednesday, February 17, 2010

40 Bags - Bag #1

I'm putting this one up first because I'm hoping one of you guys can tell me what to do with it. "It" is a bag of scraps left over from making baby leg warmers (see the sidebar for my Etsy shop :>)).

So basically, it's toes and heels and slivers trimmed off, and I'm not sure why some of the toes are split like the ones right on top, but I'm hoping there was some reason I trimmed them like that. (I'm thinking so the sock would lay flatter when I was attempting to cut the toe part off...)

It's been in a closet for about two years now, and I've not once thought "oh, THAT'S what I could use these for!" - so I'm thinking it's time they go.

As an overall update, I'm up to over 30 bags already. (Yes, it helped very much that Goose spent a couple of days with my mom and I got super motivated.) I'm thinking I need to shoot for more than 40, because I have scarcely felt a pinch so far. There have been a few things that I've wavered about whether or not to get rid of them, but I'm trying to be a great deal more objective and err on the side of getting rid of it, especially if I can easily get another one if I do end up needing it later. I need to remember that I don't need STUFF, I need Jesus.

[Speaking of remembering, keep in mind that you can adjust this to fit your family and your individual circumstances. One friend is going to hold a garage sale with her clutter and use the proceeds to pay down debt, which I think is a prudent thing to do. My sweet cousin has decided that for her house, one "bag" will be the equivalent of what would sell for $25 at a thrift store. Personally, I'm using all sizes of bags and all methods of disposal - I am in the process of Freecycling a huge pile right now!]

Some things I've been thinking of as I'm organizing and decluttering - this post from a Slob Comes Clean asks two questions: "Where would I go if I was looking for this item?" (take it there) and "If I needed this item, would it ever occur to me that I already have one?" (If no, put it in the garage sale for Nony, GET RID OF IT for me). It seems so simple, but it has been very helpful.

The other thing I've been keeping in mind is something I read in the Tightwad Gazette (I think). Which, probably not coincidentally, I thought I had lost but FOUND in a pile of CLUTTER. Heh. I would love to give you the exact quote, but that would require sitting down and re-reading the books (I have the first and second one, not the third, it's at our lovely local library!) and I really should get upstairs and get to work on the housekeeping portion of my Lenten resolutions - post is coming on that, too.

Anyway, I remember Amy telling us that even if an item was given to you by someone that you love, it doesn't mean that you don't love them if you don't keep that item. To wit, even though you love Great Auntie Gert, it's OK for you to give away the widgit-maker she gave you for your wedding that you've not used since. In fact, when I reflect on what I have learned about detachment and wrote about in my initial 40 bags post, I think it's a bit selfish of me to hang onto something that I have no foreseeable intentions of using, because someone else could be using it instead. (The things of this earth will rust and be eaten by moths, it is the treasures in heaven that are most important!)

If anybody would like to provide an update in the comments or link to a post, I'd love to hear how you're doing!


The J's said...

You're doing great on your de-cluttering! I'm still working at it, alot to go. I don't understand my thought process of having to keep all the "stuff" I find when i clean. Little bits of ribbon, odd buttons, all the adapters that have ever came into this house...I know that's the reason I can't find anything when I do want it even if I know I HAVE it!
Things may get a little hairy around here in the next few months, big possible changes.....
I'll let you know!

oh yeah, the restaurant is in Kaufmans center-- "The French Cafe"

The J's said...

P.S. Do you mind if I link your blog to my list on mine?